Johnny Depp SAVED by EXPOSING Amber Heard real life HORRORS!

Johnny Depp SAVED by EXPOSING Amber Heard real life HORRORS!

The people closest to the couple spoke on this subject; here’s 3 of those that saw EVERYTHING behind the curtain. Imagine if they hadn’t stepped forward, hadn’t taken the risk.


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  1. You wanna hear something really funny? For this month I've been watching monster movies and played Zombie Land the other night. As the credits rolled I saw that the neighbor living in 406 that turned in to a flesh eating Zombie was played by AH. Looks like Johnny got rid of her just in time to avoid being eaten alive.

  2. She's such a typical wacko… Is Johhny wearing a fat-hiding suit that everyone can see except Amber? Sounds like her own eating disordered projection. Unless she's just pretending to have an eating disorder to get sympathy points.

  3. I agree that she manipulated or tried to manipulate his kindness and she pushed him to make a scene. I hate more than anything that recording where she was just saying really mean things to him and then right in the middle of it all…she stopped bi….zitching just long enough to give him his Xanax. I started shaking I was so angry because he was kind and saying thank you. He always tried to calmly speak to her, and during her incoherent rants. He didn’t deserve anything that she threw at him. I’m so very happy because of that dramatic rant where she judged him based on what she did and how she treated people. She just automatically assumed he would be a person that spread the rumor that she was a stripper. That was it for him. I believe no matter how he felt about her at that moment: She killed his feeling of love for her. I believe that was the pivotal moment he was no longer in love. It was her. She was so horrible that she brought up things based on her actions. She got what she wanted in that moment, but she didn’t realize that all she had was lies. Lots of big lies. What was so important that she had to take him to court? He probably would have been generous about it and gave her alimony or something like it. No, she got greedy and ruined it all. Serves her right. We all have to pay for our sins no matter what they are and she is as well. I really truly hope that she gets some help. I also hope she learns from this. Though I don’t think she will. She has people in her life that puts up with her craziness because she can probably act as if she was the victim. People do know that she is damaged. The ones she is currently with and the ones she was with put up with her because she is pretty. I’ve seen prettier.

  4. she`s a Monster working around degenerates; they look after their own, and the media regularly make deals with devils. what happens in court won`t change the fact that the fans (even neutrals like myself that don`t watch him much) know that JD is the real victim, no matter how dizknee and hollyweird refuse to give him work, or try to ruin his Carribean legacy. if he loses this case, man , there is going to be a real shift in trust in a LOT of systems and groups.

  5. It still blows my mind, that this beautiful, kind man, chose this piece of crap as his bride! I bet if he was sober back then, this would have never happened. She preyed on his weakness, without a doubt! He looks so good and healthy, since he dumped her ass!

  6. The way it’s described how Johnny’s behavior & demeanor changed after his marriage to her sounds more like SHE’S the abuser. She managed to alienate & control who he interacts with then turn around & gaslight him ALL the time. She’s a CLASSIC abuser.

  7. Just let us know when something really goes down! Forget all these damn court documents! We all know she is a nutcase. Let us know when you have answers. K thanx.