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It’s been a while. But I wanted to do an up to date video regarding whats happening from the publics perspective in Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit against The Sun, and discuss the whopping $50 million dollar lawsuit he’s filed against Amber Heard for defamation. (rightfully so)

As always, screen shots of documents/articles are in the video. Facts clearly stated.

Important links you’ll need:

Full printed out document that I have in this video, is included in this link from TMZ:

Amber Heard Girl Gaze PSA:

Amber Heard Article for Washington Post, “I spoke out against sexual violence and faced our cultures wrath” –

Amber Heard article for Allure Magazine titled “Why Amber Heard Said She Was So Wrong… Just So Fucking Wrong”

Amber Heard UN psa “standing up for domestic violence” –

Amber Heard Reads Open Letter About “Johnny Depp Abuse Allegations” at #MeToo Anniversary Event –

The Sun Fails In Bid To Halt Johnny Depp’s Libel Action Over Wife Beater Claim –

Johnny Depp Files $50,000,000 Defamation Lawsuit Against Amber Heard, Calls Her Abuse Claims An Elaborate Hoax (Court Documents included)-

Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Started Improper RelationShip With Elon Musk 1 Month After Marriage: (Court Document from previous article is discussed further in this one.)

I apologise that it’s a long video, but there was alot to go over.

Thank you for watching, Keep fighting the good fight.


Written by Autumn On Venus

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  1. I cannot comprehend why Hollywood doesn't defend his character.. even his baby momma wrote a letter saying he was never abusive with her. Amber cut his finger off why isn't she in jail.

  2. it must fuck with your head being her thinking she can do what she want cos she could just leave you , johnny depp, for a billionaire, or anyone else, whether she acts like a good person or not :s


  3. Your beloved wife Rocky Roxy and our children lilyrose and Jack mark 1&2 and our best friend Alice cooper and the rest of your bandmates are all so very fucking proud of you honey, you do not have to go through this alone. # JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP

  4. Well said autumn, it means a lot to his wife to be Rocky Roxy Depp as i too am so fucking proud of him for standing up to that pyschotic pyschobitch

  5. She. Needs. To. Be. Taking. Out. Of. All. New. Movies. And. Her. Crectior. Needs. To. Be. Shine. Like. She. Tried. Johnnydepp. Who. She. Has. No. Righte. Trying. To. Shine. His. Crectior. Because. She's. The. Real. Abuiser. Liar.

  6. I have watched all your video's and you have spoken the truth in every one of them i 100% agree with everything your saying. I never believed any of it from the beginning and when i said anything to anyone they said i'm only doing it because i was a fan i was saying everything you have been saying and now that it is out and amber is being seen for they liar she is thank you for telling the turth

  7. This is so irritating to listen
    ..WTF!!?? WHY didn't J D
    report all these incidents to
    The Police!?? WHY did HE
    PROTECT amber way back
    in 2016?! & NOW in 2020 Johnny wants to SUE A.H
    ..He was really inLove with
    Amber..dumbo fell in love
    with amber heard.

  8. i’ve been following this case for so long and I was in exactly the same type of relationship as Depp was and Even though I was worried that Johnny was going to take this lying down from Amber and was going to settle and handover a big bunch of money etc I think His patients and the fact that the tapes have been leaked and people can hear that he is someone who can control himself under severe provocation IS is going his way (without knowing it) His patience and His kind nature which you clearly heard on the tapes is just helping him Gather all the evidence showing the world that he doesn’t react like someone who isnt an abuser like Amber is.
    I really do think that Johnny is gonna win this handsdown and she’s going to fade into oblivion.

  9. Amber said he wound up his arm like a pitcher and threw the phone at her face as hard as he could. The issue I have is that it wouldn’t have just left a small bruise – it would have shattered the bones in her face, she would have had passed out, had extreme bleeding and would have been rushed to the hospital & likely plastic surgery – and there would have been an immediate arrest of Johnny. It blows my mind that she can’t see the reality of what the actual injuries would have been to have a phone thrown at your face at the velocity she described. #justiceforjohnny

  10. Hi Autumn. Great video again. You were right from the very beginning. Well done BRILLIANT. Keep fighting for all victims. One question- do you think Amber Heard will Double/triple down with her extremely obvious lying in court? I think she will and that’s what makes this all so fascinating

  11. You standed for Johnny and truth about what has really happened in 2017. I bet you can’t wait too see her at least behind the bars where her place is?We are so many in that, she did manage to piss off so many people and made it personal for many many people too. I was abused and I am furious thinking that she may ever speak for me and how hard she made things for real female victims now.
    She targeted wrong man, JD is loved by so many people and I bet that she didn’t expect he would eventually stand by himself. I’m more that happy that he did it. He is the voice of many abused men that never speak out for the reason that you already covered in film from 2017. Well done girl, keep us up to dated please, you are doing it so well?

  12. @Autumn on Venus, omg thank you for outing Dan Wooton, I have be saying that he is just a gossip queen 2 years now, I truly hope that he is called out, and JD win’s this libel case, and the Sun newspaper is obliged to apologise to Johnny, for his children and peace ✌? for his self,❤️???

  13. EW that abusive twat also apprently had something going on with musk and franco while she was still with Depp? Once an abuser, always an abuser. Johnny needs someone who will respect him more than that abusive ugly being (she ain't no woman).