Johnny Depp tells how Amber Heard injured him in a fight

Johnny Depp describes how his severed finger gushed like ‘Vesuvius’ after it was injured during his blood-curdling fight with Amber Heard in deposition

Written by The Jornal


  1. Remember when everyone cancelled him? And now you find out she did things 100x worse to him and no one talks about it

  2. Everyone: You actually were telling the truth.
    Depp: I do that quite a lot. You people are always surprised.
    Amber Heard not just a shitty human, but also a shitty actress. How much dick did she suck to be in Aquaman?

  3. Only Johnny would make a joke and call his injury lil Richard.
    I'm so sorry this happened to him. You don't wake up and start becoming an abuser. Not a one from former wives or gfs.
    Shes a psycho. She finished
    She might be able to get a porn job.

  4. Amber is a beautiful, intelligent woman who is very insecure, and let's face it, I don't know of anyone who doesn't have insecurities one way or another, but from the sound of it she is fearful of being abandoned and every time Johnny would walk away from a fight, she felt abandoned by him. But the girl's got rage and I have to say, she is one manipulative, deceptive, shrewd broad. She's an opportunist and a narcissist and clearly was the abuser in that relationship, not Johnny. Very sad and she comes off as this person who's got her act together when deep down she's falling apart. But Johnny married her and there were things about her that he loved obviously. But in the end, the lies will be exposed!

    Still, I can't help but feel sorry for Amber because she is like a hurting child, one who needs to be reassured constantly that she is loved. Her career isn't all that great while Johnny's was still thriving and hopefully still is. Let's face it, she got a lot of attention from this mess. How convenient! The girl needs psychiatric help!

    When you're dating and in love, you're in a state of limerick and everything is butterflies and roses and you're both at your best behaviors! But then once hooked, the true colors come out and all hell breaks loose! Abuse runs rampant in this world and it is no respecter of persons. And just because you may not hear as much about it, it doesn't mean it isn't happening. It starts at home. We need to protect our kids!

  5. Depp has been acting since 80s and he has never done these kind of things that he was accused of…but mainstream media wants to make money by shitting on somebody's reputation without any indisputable proof

  6. I love them both. I admire them both. Both of them are really kind, beautiful human being. Yes a lot of bad stuff happened over time. But hate doesn't solve hate. Love is the answer. I think people should stop poking their noses in both of these celebrities personal life. Let them live in their own way. Let them shake hands. Give each other a kiss. And then go on their own separate ways.

  7. Whatever you are bro, I'm a huge fan. So if you are wronged, I hope the bitch gets punished just like Harvey!

    This gender bias ought to go.

    All the best dear Johnny.

  8. This is so sad. Jonny Depp is one of the kindest man ever. This cost his career! And she doesn’t get a punish for it?! She should give his money back and get cut from aquaman!

  9. Psshh, I knew Johnny Depp never abused Amber Heard. As a victim of abuse myself who grew up in an abusive household, I usually get gut feelings about abusers, and I never got that kind of vibe from him even when people were calling for his head.

    I had this kind of inkling about her, I just had this gut feeling she wasn't telling the whole truth. When I spoke up about it, of course people shouted me down and accused me of taking the man's side when a woman had been abused.

    I don't understand why this story isn't getting more coverage, this news was everywhere when she was accusing Johnny of hurting her!

  10. God seeing j depp = Trained Narcist Actor liar , try to safe his carreer acting like harvy weinstein wheel chair – j depp acting he is a pussy ! Grow up dude you are guilthy wife beater !