Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – This Goes Deeper Than You Thought

As Amber Heard prepares to testify against Johnny Depp this week, what can the bizarre moments from this trial teach us about relationships, addiction, and the spectacle of celebrity?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I am no stranger to DV and work with women who suffer from it. I can tell you that abusers never change. It amazes me how so many people commenting on this trial no nothing about Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence has many compartments and variables. Mental, physical, sexual, financial are all forms of Domestic Violence including pushing, shoving, name calling, gaslighting. Many women who suffer from DV will fight back at times during the relationship. The most I can hope for during this sham of a trial is that it will bring more interest into the plight of woman and men suffering tremendously from the plague of Domestic Violence.

  2. knowing the truth about Amber broke my heart and made me cry, poor ex GF
    it all started when I went to maun.Lol
    this break me hurt
    It strikes me as particularly hilarious when Heard's legal team tries to argue that Depp was too much of a drunkard for Disney to let him play an even drunker pirate zdn

  3. Well its not as hard as robbing a bank right! How JD was actually free or vacant all those years is a Crime I think most Full Blooded women would allow a chopped off limb arms or clitoris to spend one night with Depp …… Honesty is the best policy! xx

  4. Russell, your choice of topics today is mind-boggling! Depp v. Heard PALES in comparison to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturning the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade, the landmark case which legalized abortion in the U.S. At a time when whack-a-doodle Liberals have taken the definition of abortion to ridiculous proportions, with some states allowing a born-alive baby, a young human being, to be killed as long as 28 days after birth, this has been expected for several years. Yes, the California State Legislature is considering a bill that would allow the mother up to 28 days to decide whether or not to end the child’s life without any charges being filed against her. But karma is a bitch! Anyway, expect a flurry of violence in certain U.S. cities over this. I don’t mean to be negative, but it’s going to be worse than George Floyd; we’re looking at something that’s been legal for 50 years now being illegal. I’m firmly pro-life but I understand how two generations of women may feel about this.

  5. My father was abused by my mother for years over a decade and towards the end cabinets or objects were were my father released the pain building he just kept taking it and she kept playing a victim manipulating everyone around our family while my father worked himself to death trying not to be around the constant abuse sadly the chain is real I worked hard not to be or become my mother I worked hard to never have alcohol in my life I still married a man so much like my mother I hid in the bathroom I would work all the time try so hard to avoid the abuse and they do not know how to walk away calm they keep at you as if there is no escaping what psycho circle they must complete day after day it's madening

  6. You have spoken more about this case, which is a lovers spat, than you did about ghislane Maxwell, which was far more disgusting and important than this fucking drivel.

  7. I’m in my late 30’s and have seen all versions of the medias portrayal of Russell Brand and while I no doubt think that at some points of his life he’s been an awful human being I can honestly say that he seems to have really rounded out as he’s gotten older. I like his content and don’t think there’s been a specific point that he’s made (of the episodes I’ve seen) that I’ve without a doubt disagreed with. He’s intelligent, collected and informed on a number of levels. Great content!

  8. All this attention for these two and no royalties coming in. How tragic that this is made public. If my divorce was on social media I think I'd want to either die, or stay married and be murdered. I can't see how any good can come of this except maybe Johnny gets his movie roles back. No one can ever replace the true pirate, Disney must know this. I want him back in the movies.

  9. My opinion .. JD wants this trial public. He supposedly has said that he is doing this so his kids will have truth. So why not make it public as a strategy to regain his career, eliminate conjecture and rumors from fans and movie studios? If that is JD quest, then BRILLIANT AND KUDOS! Again, my opinion, looking at the avenue Will Smith took and expressed from the abuse he has been receiving from Jada …. need I say anything more about that relationship? Can't go around slapping folks cuz the wife makes it known you ain't man enuff … On another note, good point that celebrities are just like us … using same products, baking cakes, poop like us (yes! pun intended! hopefully on the toilet and not on the bed!) Which brings me to a big shut the farck up expressing their political views using their prestigious bandwagon (like award shows!) That is where they aren't like us, not at all, in any way! It's ugly! It's petty! It's selfish! It's subjective! It's for self gain!

  10. If I picture a happy couple in my mind if I put my shoes inside of Amber's shoes if I was dating Johnny Depp and I thought he would have a good sense of humor about it I would totally s*** in the bed because he wouldn't expect that haha 😂😂

  11. I too, am glued to this trial. What I find of particular interest, is in the comments on youtube. A great many of people coming together to voice their own pain, in similar situations. The large number of people who have also been abused at some point in their lives really breaks my heart, but it is also very warming to see people consoling each other, and standing together. Whether Johnny likes it or not, he has now become a sort of symbol for this particular kind of Justice, and for standing up for ones own truth against a literal villain.

  12. Feel so bad for the men who are going thru this cause it's hard for us woman as it is and I know men are really in a hard spot as far as getting help sending love to all genders going thru this controlling sick kind of abuse

  13. I get it’s somewhat entertaining, but I can think of dozens of topics more important right now , and if I wanted to see an actual trial let’s see Maxwell’s .

  14. So – you know how some people can't take a joke – but they take your money. 🤯 Is this one of those moments? I liked this trial because most women whom are abused act like Depp and want nothing more to do with the person. Let alone 😔 take them to court. So Depp is brave to challenge 🤔 her again after she went for 900 million

  15. My god Russ let's be honest. Who gives a shit. 🤷‍♂️.. Watching people lives spread all over the world is about as far from entertainment as it gets. It's sick esp those who really can't stop watching.

  16. I just want justice for the horrid actions of a narcissistic abuser. It's hell to live with the multiple abuses raining down from a person who claims to care for you. Sentence her as fit for a man, likely not.

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