Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard

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  1. Guys … you might want to BE BETTER INFORMED ABOUT THE BACKGROUND when you talk about this … which shows perfectly WHY JOURNALISTS BECOME EMPTY-HEADED PEOPLE WHO GO BY ASSUMPTIONS!

  2. She's a venomous snake. Starts fights and then accuses the person she assaulted of rape? She's like a female Jussie, using her identity as a tool to cause as much harm as possible.

  3. They should settle this by a pay to view televised fight to the death, all proceeds should go towards investigating Hollywood perverts and pedo’s

  4. Johnny needs to work on himself and become stronger. When we're at a low point we're attracted to people who aren't good for us. Elon Musk and Depp were both attracted to Amber. It means neither has the ability to recognize a bad partner, even at their age. Something to keep in mind.
    Elon has 2 kids with kooky Grimes as well.

  5. With any luck this trial will cause a paradigm shift in terms of how society see domestic abuse cases and victims. Alot of men are abused in relationships, some statistics state just as much as women yet men who come forward are either laughed at or not taken seriously.

  6. Woman: *violently abuses man
    Man: *attempts to protect himself
    Feminists AND Trad-Cons: "How dare you raise your hands to a woman?"

    If you think a man should never hit a woman, you're part of the problem. Instead of teaching your sons not to hit girls/women, teach your children "Never start a fight, but always finish it."

  7. I'm not a massive Depp fan. Decent actor obviously but that's no reason to rate someone highly as a person 😂. However, I recognise Heard's behaviour all too well, having been in a similar relationship in the past with someone I can only describe as a very damaged individual. I ended up recording "arguments" just to protect myself. Thank f*** I'm out of that dumpster fire. I hope he wins and people finally recognise her as a domestic abuser.

  8. Good luck to Johnny, it would be great to see him win this. She has put him through enough already. Wouldn’t trust her as far as I could chuck her

  9. Oh the covid deaths are still ongoing, you can check them on the John Hopkins map
    Its just that people don't care now, which is the right attitude to have imo
    An elevated death rate is only a good thing in the long term as it helps balance out the birth rate

  10. Hmm… which is worse: Jada or Amber?
    A bit difficult. Amber is physically abusive as well as mentally abusive which does help the abuse victim recognise the abuse as such.
    Jada is mentally so abusive she's driving Will toward suicide and he has nothing but pressure on him… yeah… Jada might be the worse of them.

  11. If I remember correctly the reason Depp lost the previous case was because he couldn't prove substantial damage, not because any of the accusations turned out to have legitimate grounds to stand on.

  12. Friendly reminder: only one of them has abused a previous partner
    Hint: it wasn't Johnny

    For anyone interested, the channel "Incredibly Average" goes into great detail about the infamous cellphone incident and why its bs.

  13. She's bordering on the sociopathic.
    There's ample evidence to support this.
    Countless behavioral psychologists and professional interrogation experts have picked her actions and behaviour apart time after time.
    It always comes down to the same things: Uncaring, emotionally inconsistent, verbal/physical mismatch, paired with a generally overly-confrontational conversational stance and more than conventionally manipulative behaviour, both in speech and body language.

    Some stuff in my past made me kind of cold, and i've been told i border on ASPD, but the actual diagnosis is more complex than that, etc, etc.
    Looking at her witness statement videos and public appearances besides Johnny Depp is like looking at a past version of myself, before therapy.

    It's subtle, but she was the predator in that relationship.
    The way she cocks her head, the looking at him to convey permission or otherwise lack thereof… But she's sloppy. The interrogation tapes show as much.
    She doesn't care, and she's confident she'll get away with it because 'i'm the victim, so i have nothing to fear. :)'
    Apex Predator syndrome. 'I'm at the top so no one can harm me'. Thing is, someone always does.

    Amber Heard is quite uncaring about others, and extremely manipulative.
    She's just not very good at it.

  14. The audio is extremely revealing and given I thought the UK was far more trustworthy than the US I thought the last trial would be an easy win for Johnny Depp and I should have listened as some were warning this would happen because it was less about guilt and more about espousing the correct ideology which is a depressing thought especially in the UK, Magna Carta and all that. With regards the disgusting act in the bed she was rather proud of it at the time sending out a tweet “dirty thirty” as it was her 30th birthday. I believe there is a rather pithy phrase to describe this situation and something about refraining from sexual congress with someone who is irrational. Beauty really is only skin deep.

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