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  1. It's almost like companies will start to realize that pandering to those that cry the loudest, yet make up ~1% of the population, might be a bad business decision. Who'da thunk it.

  2. This is a huge huge message to all the companies that cancelled him. Media better get back on his side or the execs of those companies will be gone too. There is no way they or any company can win without JD appology and posible rehire. He may tell the to kiss his ass now though!!!

  3. Haha Warner Brothers the people that run Warner Brothers need to get the hell out of there they keep messing up games like Mortal Kombat mobile mk11 all they care about is their Injustice game and all their other DC games screw them I could run those departments better

  4. I am glad for Johnny. But am I right in thinking that Depp's law suit against AH is based on how much harm she caused to Depp's reputation, to his career, to his earning potential, etc. causing Disney, among others, to drop him. .Now it appears that this court case has caused the reverse and his Earning Potential/career etc. has greatly increased, which may result in a smaller monetary award against AH in damages?

  5. I just like him, I always have, I’ll buy the fragrance on Saturday, to support him, as that is the only way I can🌸🖖😎💙😘🍾🥂

  6. Fantastic for Dior, the fans but most importantly Johnny depp! He is just a genuinely, funny nice guy……. And I pray 🙏 that the jury sees it like the rest of the world ( apart from Amber turd and her legal team😂)

  7. AH was already furious that Dior would want JD, since he was just “a fat old man.” Oh, she was screaming about it! Guess she had to find a new level of jealous, greedy fury for this Dior update. Maybe she will fire another PR team?

  8. Dior doing well while backing Johnny is a great story tbh
    But if Johnny wins this current case and everyone thinks he isn't a wife "walmart greeter" but somehow that makes Dior sales dry up on the scent tied to Johnny I'm going to have some serious question lmao

  9. What shows his Character is he did know all this will eventually come out and he begged her not to go to court. He was still willing to protect her, and what little integrity he had left knowing he could’ve done this all along🙏

  10. I won't lie, when I first saw the advertisement from Dior with Depp on it, I was extremely surprised, because I thought everyone had just went and backstabbed him, but NOPE! It was the ONE thing back in 2021 that gave me hope.

  11. Are you joking you can't say the word beater like why the hell not like this is so this is a joke right you can't say the m-word you know Chester the blank why is this happening if there's something going on we should be able to say the words without YouTube having a fucking hissy fit honestly I'm thinking about going to another place rumbler

  12. Never heard of this product but after watching everything that is going on, I'm ready to throw my penny into the bucket. As soon as I finish this post I will be looking to purchase it if for no other reason than to show my support for JD. I may even wear it.

  13. Sausage is being sold on the Dior website and Sephora. Hurry and get yourself some! Just ordered a Sauvage gift set that I will give to my male friend for his bday!

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