Johnny Depp’s Lawyer EXPOSES Amber Heard’s Sister’s Private Messages on Twitter! Busted!

CORRECTION: the Blue text is send from Howell to Whitney. Anyway it’s all there and exposed.

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer EXPOSES Amber Heard’s Sister’s Private Messages on Twitter! Busted!

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  1. Actually it is illegal to share private, confidential emails or letters. At least in Europe. One should ask the other person's permission before publishing…

  2. Hmm this is interesting and her reaction to amber getting booed (a tiny smirk) makes a lot of sense I could only imagine what’s going on in the minds of the heard sisters after this latest leak lol

  3. Seeing this new evidence makes that horrific act Amber displayed on the stand all the more atrocious. Amber must have been taking notes when she watched Gone Girl.

  4. Maybe her sister was to scared of her sister to say no about giving evidence! But she is playing it smart by sending these messages to her friend/employer hoping they are found and leaked as she doesn't want her sister to win this case

  5. I think Jennifer telling the truth about Amber really is helping Whitney….Whitney needs to stay out of AH terrible life…WH just assumed Jennifer would lie?

  6. At this point, I find it very SHOCKING that ANYONE would believe anything that Amber Heard has to say! Amber is a PSYCHOPATH and a habitual LIAR! She is rotten to the core! Amber is total garbage ?️??

  7. AH documented as much as she could to try to paint Depp as abusive but the fact she's not one report from a doctor of any injuries is a red flag especially for someone alleging years of abuse.

  8. So if I'm reading this right, the blue message is from Howell, she says outright she is gonna tell the truth of what she knows, the white message is from Whitney desperately trying to get in touch with her ahead of her telling her version of events… I mean could that not be seen as an attempt to tamper with a witness' testimony? I mean how else does her saying "I'm going to tell the court everything I know" an them saying "WAIT before you do that PLEASE TALK TO US" cone across, that's blatantly trying to influence her story, and then when that failed apparently Whitney preemptively called her a liar… I mean they haven't even tried to be sneaky or hide that, what did they think would happen when they tried to intercept Howell and then called her a liar when presumably she refused to lie for them, obviously those messages were gonna get out, how stupid are these people?

  9. Her sister is also scared and desperate. But considering Amber's use of people's texts against them, she had to know Jennifer could in earnest. I wonder if it was her way of helping Johnny and Jennifer, while having deniability saying it was a mistake to Amber.

  10. This is Whitney’s chance to get out and tell the truth, and save her ass and her sons. She lied because she was afraid of what Amber would do to her. If she continues to lie she is fucked. I think we would all have a little empathy for her if she finally tells the truth. Violent narcissists are very scary individuals.

  11. I am waiting for the so called friends of Meghan Markle turn on her when she asks them to lie in court for her.
    There is a lesson to be learnt from all this.

  12. Johnny Depp wears heavy rings. If he ever hit her face, he would split skin open EVERY TIME !…
    I know what being hit means, my face got split as a teenager by a violent boyfriend, who did exactly what Amber is doing…making everything Johnnys fault…the scars on my face are still visible!

  13. … wasn’t Subscribed to this channel already? Weird, I’m sure I started following this case through this channel, but I find out now that I’m not subscribed and there are at least 40 videos I didn’t watched on the subject here…

  14. In my opinion I think that Jennifer Howell is coming out with the truth because she cares about Whitney and wants to help her. Giving her a reason to distance herself from ah. I just get the impression that Jennifer really cares about Whitney when it is apparent Whitney is and has always been in the shadow of ah. Not only that, to me it's clear that whiteny herself has been abused by ah. Idk I could be wrong and I prob don't make sense but it's just what I've been thinking.

  15. Thanks to the sun for ensuring the entire world knows the truth and integrity of Johnny Depp and ensuring that her future case is now doomed along with her reputation and entire career oh and her future stay in prison for perjury, extortion, blackmail, domestic violence, plotting and conspiring with friends to stab/kill him, fabrication of evidence, falsifying documents to US homeland security, US immigration, and Australian government. Ps please go to change. Org to sign and share petition against AH being in aquaman 2 – it’s the least we can do.

  16. Yeah, dude the two emails u showed that say 'whitney' on top are TO WHITNEY FROM JEN, NOT from Whitney to Jen! There screen shots of Jens phone/text, so they have the contacts name whom she was conversing w indicated on top, cuz that's who she was texting w. Jen was the one who's only concerned was for whitney s wellbeing & was the one who had written a letter to whit after having had been served w two affidavits, not the other way around! makes more sense now huh. Totally check out some other ppl s videos on this cuz more details come out that u could include w more of the facts/evidence/events&emails all straightened out that Totally support your/our/everyone's view of how Horrible AH is, & just makes illuminating the truth regarding AH s complete & utter worthlessness & inhumanity much clearer n' concise. They even have Whit s emails back to Jen accusing her of Never getting served Any affidavits from any lawyers & getting mad @ Jen for not coming to talk to her to collude & conspire against Johnny first!

    (&so sorry if it came off like I was criticizing or insulting u@1st in Any way whatsoever! that was never my intention) you've been Amazing covering this entire fiasco& I commend you for it! Thanks man! Keep up the Great work!

  17. I can admit, this shit is addictive!!!! I have been fascinated with Personality disorders, especially Narcissistic personality Disorder. Only because someone I thought was my trusting friend, flipped a switch when she got a little power under her belt. I had her as my kid's guardian if something happened to me!!!!! So many years ago, about 15 and I can spot a female narcissist just from someone describing her to me. They seem to know that I know because they stay clear of me. I got the best of this "friend" in the courts when she tried to rip me off so I got in that dig but still!! It's like finding out that there are boogymen and women everywhere when you thought it was just a tale.

  18. I haven't seen any evidence of the media hurting Johnny Depp's career but this crazy UK high court justice system releasing all this information please remember medications and alcohol don't mix

  19. This case isn't about who loves Johnny Depp and who don't it's about did the sun news media outlets reporting on Johnny Depp's lifestyle choices and problems hurt his career or did his own decision hurt himself or were his enemies in his own household

  20. Normally Johnny Depp looks normal and people love his movies this whole case is detrimental to his career because people have to tell the truth about anything they know about past experiences with certain encounters with people and mixing alcohol with medications is never a good idea but it can be dangerous as well. even if your a celebrity or famous person I don't know if it could hurt your career or not since he doesn't remember or wishes to forget about episodes of psychosis personality disorder brought on by alcohol beverage use