Johnny Depp’s situation PROVES that men and women live by different rules.

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  1. Scummy bastards at the Sun, they're a disgusting bunch of cunts. The judges in our system are also a bunch of corrupted coke sniffers for the most-part. Hard to find a judge who doesn't have a huge bias going into a case.

  2. there's a lot of people telling how this unfair and all but if JD didn't show these evidence, most of them would have been on AH's side . Why ? women are innocent until proved guilty (<_<)

  3. Disgusting. I will not watch any movie with her or buy from any brands that endorse her. She’s the kind of person that makes people not believe women who are really being beaten.

  4. It’s not a fair fight? The man literally cannot touch her, she’s a woman. If you ask me THAT’S not fair. If you want to attack someone stronger than you I think you need to get the shit beaten out of you. Learn some fucking restraint

  5. This reeks of humiliation ritual. He must have pissed somebody off in Hollyweird. I’m more than sure other actors and other men in the industry are actually abusive but they don’t get put on blast to the public. Just like most people in Hollywood and the music industry do heavy drugs but only some get labeled as drug addicts to make them look bad. This is the same situation. It took Harvey W. this long time be convicted for what he had been doing for decades. But Johnny isn’t even the aggressor but he’s being taken down is….. interesting ?

  6. I think he still got his 10 million from the movie so that's a good thing. I swear I med 2 be in charge of shit in this world. These broads wouldn't stand a chance with me

  7. Great win news for JD. ..VA judge just B slapped AH legal team . Docs are REQUIRED to be provided about the supposed 3.5 mil donation to a Children hosp. ( Lying b.) & The hosp must provide proof (her ass is grass)..
    Oh & the lady that sheltered Whitney,from AH , her sister ( Whitney perjury lying b'') is now going to ACTUALLY TESTIFY .

    She is credible & cool. Again proving witness manipulation by AH .

    Were u aware that the life threat to stab JD was made by AH & her buddy( the S.OB. judge Nicols said was such a credible witness- B.S.)

    And the son of judge Nicols ( disbar this S.OB) works for the SUN newspaper? Collusion..

    I agree with both of u. No one hits my baby. This mama did this:

  8. Amber Heard is one example, but she is a privileged white woman who wants protection in Hollywood. That's a far cry from the average, normal, everyday woman. Plenty of men still aren't held accountable for their actions. It's people like Amber (women and men) who want to be protected enough in society where they aren't held accountable. Look at how many women didn't come forward because of Harvey Weinstein but the men who knew didn't either.

  9. I genuinely hate the way this world works. Let's just say some chick starts bashing me (male)? Do I just let it happen? This is why Johnny Depp is in such a hard position, because society almost always takes the woman's side. Reverse the genders and then there's a problem. This isn't ok