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JohnTrudel on Gab: ‘HISTORIC moment in history!

State Legislators from across the country stand together at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium to announce their initiative to form an Election Integrity Caucus to reform US Elections.


Watch the full press conference here:

For those who might have missed Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium at http://FRANKSPEECH.COM, here are some key takeaways so far:

1 – According to 37 terabytes of data from packet captures (PCAPs) of the 2020 election provided by Mike Lindell, votes were remotely altered in favor of Biden (& others) by communist China (& other foreign nations) through illicit internet connectivity to electronic voting machines in ALL 3,143 US counties.

2 – A computer program (algorithm) fraudulently inflated the voter roles in ALL 3,143 US counties based on population data from the 2010 US census. The vote counts were then remotely altered (algorithmically) in favor of Biden (& others) by an identical fixed percentage for each age group (83 age groups), of each County in a given State (using a 6th order polynomial equation from an MS Excel spreadsheet).

3 – Databases containing voter rolls are being illegally expunged. These databases are required by law to be preserved for 22 months after the election.

4 – Electronic voting machines with software upgrades were used in the 2020 election without a mandatory prior recertification, in violation of federal & state law.

5 – Symposium experts are calling for forensic audits in all 50 states based on compelling evidence of systemic electoral malfeasance.

6 – Electronic election fraud is an international problem as evidenced by Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s son in a compelling presentation on the 1st day of the symposium.

The routers are key. All we need is to lawfully obtain & forensically analyze just 1 set of routers from 1 county out of 3,143 US counties to prove the authenticity of Lindell’s election data by showing a perfect match of the corresponding PCAPS. The probability of such an event by chance would be incalculably infinitesimal.

So how do we lawfully obtain at least 1 set of routers from a US County?

There are 23 red states, free states. Citizens in each of those states should demand a forensic audit of the routers in several of their deepest red counties (see link) where Soros & PRC influence of the Election Board & County Sheriff is nonexistent.

Even in blue states, there are many red (free) counties. The Sheriffs in these counties could possibly help.


We need audits in all battleground states. We need them now.’

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