Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN TO ITS FACE for Divisive Coverage

Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments made by Jon Stewart on CNN about its divisive coverage that pits people against each other

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  1. To be fair Tapper isn’t that bad. At least compared to his co workers. Also I’m new to Breaking Point. I like the content. Can’t stand the background. It’s chaotic and weird.

  2. "For the right wing media to lie" excuse me. But last time I checked right wing media was far more fair than "CNN" AND NEWS WE CAN COUNT ON. fuck outta here. Left wing media has anything right of Trotsky pinned as domestic terrorism

  3. I still have issues with Jon Stewart saying cancel culture is wealthy people bitching. No, they don't get canceled but the working class does and it's life and soul crushing.
    Watch 15 minutes of shame. This isn't accountability culture. And the media's obsession of sensationalism of crime stories before trials is out right destructive of justice.

  4. How many of those first responders from 9/11 are being called white supremacists and canceled? I've seen a window of a 9/11 officer being followed and told that her husband deserved to die. I've seen the stupid blm neoliberal shills saying horrific "hate speech " against 9/11 heroes

  5. Too much of a boomer to watch you tube? I'm on constantly. Waaaay out of touch with that comment. I'm sure Jon Stewart watches material from loads of sources. Keep an open mind or you'll miss out on lots of interesting points of view with snarky ageist comments like that! It's going to take all generations to improve our lot.

  6. shiiit! i didn't even think of that, they should do what trump and the republicans do. just repeat the same thing over and over and people will believe it. except that mask are real and necessary (unlike trump that just mix truth with lies)

  7. Wait …independent voters are independent because they pay closer attention to what's going on so when a blue tent or a red tent politician says something rediculous, illogical and lack of any reasoning they see fully aware of the BS! No CNN that's now how being independent I'm thought works 😒😏

  8. It's as if Jon Stewart took all this time off to get super sharp. All his appearances and his interviews on his own show have been on point.

  9. LOVE JOHN STEWART! Nice to see he STILL stands with INTEGRITY by his values. I used to LIKE Colbert too; until he exposed that HE HAS NO INTEGRITY OR VALUES. Now I just see him as a 'Corporate SHILL' and Complete ASSHOLE. 😔

  10. Too much of a boomer to watch Youtube. Let’s not forget Gen X people introduced technology and YouTube has been around since 2005. I watched you on the Hill and I followed you here. He’s only four years younger than me. Am i not supposed to be watching here because of my age???

  11. Let’s not forget that early on Krystal leaned to the left. She has definitely changed her tune quite a bit since. Not sure if it is genuine or if it just makes better news to go along with the shows narrative. Has she learned something along the way?

  12. Hey, hey! I'm 75 years old and I watch YouTube alot! AND I'm a big fan of Breaking Points! Don't stereotype boomers. I can stereotype milliniials. I've even named white paint "milliniial white" because they don't seem to like color. But that's stereotyping right? I like to remind people that it was the boomers that was the only generation to successfully stop a war for profit and the draft, at a cost. We do not all watch Fox or have cable tv.

  13. Saagar! (Imaginary shoulder slap.) He's such a boomer, he doesn't watch you Tube? Young man it was boomer's who invented the internet. Some of us are very proficient in streaming and are your fans. So watch the ageist comments. 🤨 Still love you though!🙂

  14. Big fan love you both! — Omg Krystal the comment about missing Stewart and how cringe Colbert’s gotten really hit home. It was one of those “I was thinking it, but YOU said it” moments. I thought I was just being hard on him. Feel much more validated

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