Jon Stewart, DOD Honor AZOV BATTALION NAZI At Disney World

The Department of Defense sponsored ‘Warrior Games’ features comedian Jon Stewart awarding a member of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion at Disney World. #Ukraine #DisneyWorld #military

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  1. What liberals accuse Republicans of, is what they actually do..Honoring Nazis..They can't get any lower. How can any American support this criminal Administration. I'm appalled. I feel I'm living in bazaaro world.

  2. great episode until the host on the left started pretending america has anything close to capitalism. what a load of nonsense. in america you clowns have a full state and corporate merger with a ginormous govt enabled by a vicious domestic and international military. but keep dodging real conversation by quoting late stage capitalism reddit posters instead of learning basic definitions

  3. I rarely agree with Briahna Joy Gray – who I see as a hardcore identifarian – and even less with the libertarian Robby Soave who defends theoretical free market without accepting the way it plays out in the real world. (Foreign policy can't be dictated by privste interests and profits; it must be ideology though time and again the promised benefits never materialize though profits do).

    However, she is at her best here when class is her preferred identity.

  4. "RISING" you want to see what this is all really about and WHO EXACTLY these people are? Do a story on what happened in Donbas to it's citizens by the Ukrainian Forces from 2014 to 2022. Now remember: Those doing stories on how Ukraine's forces committed atrocities against its own UKRAINIAN citizens, who just HAPPENED TO BE ETHNIC RUSSIANS, seem to be getting on the Ukrainian's 'Hit List.' So far, recently, a journalist was blown to bits; and EVEN American former military personal and an internationally loved rock star! are on this 'hit list!'

  5. They have entire battalions of nazis… azov .kraken. c14..svoboda, I could name 4 more… they were funded to overthrow a democratically elected president by an American ngo…that created a civil war…and perpetuated a civil war…… biletsky and others rose to 2nd…in command of ukraine.heaslded up their house….. they also have used fellow ukrainians as human numerous Ukrainian cities …as reported by amnesty international. Imagine us Jan 6th …except with real nazis and banderites.killing and targeting over 20 during the maidan coup… and 50 burned alive in odessa what would become azov battalion.. Then tell me they are "like" neo nazis here… not quite …thousands are on the front lines…with javelins…stingers etc… think you guys would do well to look at journalists from the other side of the contact line..and foreign affairs from Mark svoboda…

  6. "It's only Poland. I don't see how that affects me" -Person per WWII If you don't see the imperative to deter warring nations from creating chaos in Europe you are ignorant or a fool.

  7. The black sun is an ancient Scandinavian and Slavic symbol (for Slavs it represents the god of light, and was a symbol used by black Smith's and metal workers – re the guys from azofstal). Very poor reporting here guys.

  8. Man, so close. The deep state are motivated by ideology to be hawkish .. but WHY? perfect response from Bri. It's about economics. It's about market control. It's about dictating that everyone accept neoliberalism and open their markets for exploitation.

    And then he goes on to say that neoliberalism does not mean taking people's property by force, a statement completely at odds with the facts… I.e. pure ideology.

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