Jon Stewart Embraces Lab Leak Theory As Colbert FREAKS OUT!

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  1. Maybe Wuhan has a lab for Corona because of the large population of bats. Seriously are you going with that? Come on Colbert you don’t believe that because nobody believes that. All he can say is maybe you are right because he knows he is right but his handlers are saying don’t let in that you know because we need the masses to believe a stupid BS excuse because we need to appease the Chinese for their $$$.

  2. Fun Fact : these shows are rehearsed to the nth degree. Why would Jimmy assert Steven's reaction is sincere?

    It's an affectation carefully crafted, between them, in rehearsals.

  3. Don’t think Jon was a surprised. They needed it to change the narrative about China and hadn’t nobody else with credibility on tv for the job.

  4. Kinda sad to see Jimmy promoting the lab leak conspiracy theory. There is literally zero evidence and the only reason it is gaining steam is because the establishment wants to blame China for COVID and distract us from our own country’s failures.

  5. I watched the whole show. In the end a clearly emotional Jon, addresses Colbert with a deeply felt gratitude: 'You and Chappelle sustained me all this time'. I can not see any of the anger you mentioned. I see two comedians acting on a very carefully scripted bid that feels completely improvised and out of control. But it ain't..

  6. Aren't Jimmy Dore and his pals into "don't punch down" type of identity politics? Why would they get to be the spokespeople for what's funny in a natural, unfiltered way? They have heavy filters and have to constantly monitor whether their comedy is acceptable and what they can laugh at. Dore and Colbert are the two sides of the same unfunny coin.

  7. Is this what Jimmy Dore does all the time? He’s mind reading more than miss Cleo lol. “This is what he’s thinking” “this is what he’s trying to do”. Do people fall for that shit? It’s pure projection.

    A guy who acts serious and says “hold up, wait a minute” and then sits back and let’s the other go on an increasingly animated bit before jumping in again is called the straight man. It’s as old as comedy itself.

    Watch Colbert when Stewart goes to talk the camera. He has a huge smile. It sure looks like he’s enjoying himself.

  8. Love the show and Jimmy. Minor detail, we should be calling it the “Lab Leak Hypothesis” as it has yet to be confirmed. Minor point, but helpful in maintaining neutrality.