Jon Stewart EXPOSES Wall Street CEO’s Lies To His Face | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar review the hard hitting interview Jon Stewart did on his new Apple show with JP Morgan Chase CEO, Democratic party Donor, and general wall street tycoon Jamie Dimon

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  1. Dimon makes 20 million a year and pays his lowest level employees unloveable wages. See Katie Porter interview him a few year’s ago too. He’s a narcissist like many CEO’s.

  2. Jon Stewart was around during the Trump years and he was part of the mob over PussyGate. He went to college on a jock scholarship so he knows that men never talk about snatch in a locker room… hormone fueled knuckle draggers talk about Descartes when slapping each other on the ass. Duh.

    Research kids, it keeps you from looking stupid later.

  3. …or maybe listen to the actual, reasoned conversation that Jon Stewart had on his own podcast with Jamie Dimon (link in their description), instead of this knee-jerk alarmist biased bullshit, edited to make you angry without hearing the whole CONVERSATION and seeing both sides of the argument. You'll still probably fall on Jon's side like I did, but at least you'll have listened to a CONVERSATION (between, let's not forget, two left-leaning men who are BOTH MILLIONAIRES talking about lifting the middle-class). Conversation. Ya know, that thing everyone says we can't have anymore, while simultaneously engaging with content like this, designed solely to spark an emotional response rather than a means to create a back and forth.

    Fuck whatever this channel is. I'm ultra liberal but this video reeks of fucking horseshit.

  4. How about when Stewart defends business as operating ONLY to protect their profits saying "as they should"? I don't know a single person on the Left that would agree with that bullshit! Despite everything, Stewart is still just another wealth insider who is not willing to seriously change the system, but just wants to "reform" it a little bit.

  5. Dignity in a job? Bullshit.
    a) They’re not “starter jobs” – grown adults with families, and sometimes college degrees, are forced to take them as the only jobs available in an attempt to fend off to starvation and homelessness;
    b) There is no dignity in being exploiting by elites who don’t respect your basic humanity enough to pay you a living wage.

  6. I like John Stewart and breaking points but 10 minutes of looking into walmar shows that yes they do in fact have quarterly profit sharing and in January that will instead be rolled directly into higher hourly wage based on the quarter rather than the one time payout as requested by the workers, the average wage is over 16/hr ( min is 12 still much higher than federal min wage) and they do infact offer free tuition to accredited online schools that you can earn anything from high school diploma, to a trade to an actual bachelor's degree. Entry level jobs are important, they are not glamorous but they set the foundation of a workers work ethic and level of responsibility. If someone has very minimal experience where else are they supposed to start? If someone lacks motivation or responsibility how much should they make?

  7. Lemme give you a tip; the only way to take the power away from theses people is to stop using their currency. the more money you have in a bank account, the more leverage you give your bank to bet against you! Buy bitcoin, buy ethereum, buy real estate, i dont care, just stop giving your hard earn money to banks by storing it with them.

  8. Shows how out of touch those guys are. When he ssys those big companies have the "highest pay", that doesn't solve the problem that the "highest pay" for the average workforce employee is absurdly low.

  9. I have always seen those kinds of billionaire and millionaire CEOs etc as inherit idiots if they can’t see that a universal healthcare system is beneficial to their profit and administration and what to demand from legislators. Why they want to do that work that costs money when types like Diamond could demand a public healthcare system is idiotic. The CEO only uses it as a gimmick for attracting workers who can’t otherwise afford good healthcare. It’s also forcing workers to stick with an exploitative job because of the specific insurance that comes with the job.

  10. John needs to see the difference between a cashier Walmart employee and a manager and ceo. If your skills are at a minimum the. Your wages should be as a minimum. If you don't like it then work hard to move up.

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