Jon Stewart Presents Medal To Ukrainian Nazi At Disney World

Jon Stewart recently traveled to Disney World to participate in the Department of Defense’s annual “Warrior Games” and, while there, was pleased to present a medal to Ukrainian soldier Ihor Halushka. The only problem? Halushka is a former member of the notorious neo-Nazi Azov Battallion and has the Nazi-inspired “starburst” tattoo on his elbow to prove it. Stewart has not responded to the resulting controversy, but that hasn’t dimmed debate online about whether he knew what he was doing ahead of time or whether he should be participating in such events in the first place.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger are joined by The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou to discuss Stewart’s seeming misstep and Western nations’ general obliviousness about the realities of the Ukraine War.

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  1. I know one thing for sure. I started a whole foods diet, with in a few months I couldn't believe the difference. Clear mind, better focus, quicker, sharper, better. I lost 60lbs. I work circles around people half my age. I sleep 5 hours a night. One bowel movement a day, every morning. My focus is phenomenal, my memory has never been better. I eat organic where I can. I only drink water, coffee and tea.

  2. I love the way leftists (like Jimmy) always say 'Nazi' or Nazi-ism" rather than telling you what these people really were. Theye were NATIONAQL SOCIALISTS and the political philosophy they embraced was called NATIONAL SOCIALISM. It was a form of authoritarian SOCIALISM that applied to one national grouping: ethnic Germans.

  3. to be fair – having an exotic Nazi looking tattoo does not make you any more Nazi than any other mindless idiot who picks up a gun and puts on fancy dress and goes into battle against the same sort of idiots who bow down to another flag..

  4. Hi there lovely people, Don't you get it yet? The German people lost the war not the Nazis who went down South America way. Hitler survived and had 3 GIRLS who were Merkel and Teresa May and the Lithuania PMs and Barack is his grandson. If true you would understand what's wrong now. They want you Chipped and pinned with the vaccine. Cheers Chipy xlolx.

  5. The Duran guys are about real journalism. I know my opinion doesn't matter but please check them out..

    Been a fan since the RT crossfire days many years ago. Great articles to read as well. Give me some support.

    We need more honest journalism.

  6. Any time someone says "its Russian propaganda", ask them "who said?", normally its the american news media telling you what they want you to think. Ask them,"how much actual Russian news have you seen?", and the answers gonna be "none". So,its propaganda cause the propaganda firms told them so

  7. I love you jimmy man even as much as I disagree with you politically you still get a big f! Thumbs up 👍 keep doing what they can’t do! Thank the lord for joe Rogan cause he’s kind of the new oprah

  8. Disgusting, the ignorance of people praising Nazi just astonishing and proves anything works for virtual signaling even if it's showing support for terrorists.

  9. Next you'll be telling me all those Central European scientists that came into the US mid 40s to help us fight the Russians were somehow Nazis as well.

  10. The DoD could have vetted this guy. Thing is, nobody cares. Russia bad, everyone else is good. Sad story that there is no nuance. As long as Russia is bad. If this entire episode leads to another Taliban in Afghanistan (Nazis in Ukraine), don’t be surprised.

  11. That that the DOD invited Halushka to the Games is the bigger problem.
    Stewart, as the guests said, probably had no idea who he was speaking to during the ceremony.
    What does a Nazi look like? They look like anyone…
    Godspeed everyone.

  12. But the MAGA supporters are the real Nazis, right? Couldn’t make this up. The Biden “Projectionist” speech put in proper perspective. The Biden regime are the real fascists.

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