Jon Stewart RIPS ‘Fake News’, Divisive JK Rowling Lies | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the controversy that developed when media outlets claimed Jon Stewart accused J.K. Rowling of antisemitism only for him to shut down the story

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  1. 😱 OMG, I saw that goblins Jews video… That was so weird. I was like WTFFFFF??!!! It honestly did seem like he was saying that the movie was antisemitic… I was like seriously? 😎

  2. Identity politics + Sensationalism = Badabing badaboom cha-ching cha-ching

    I'll admit… when I was a kid and saw the movies… definitely thought they looked Jewish and thought it was a small reference.

  3. those goblins are obvious tropes. just like the trade federation in the phantom menace.

    is it bad? sure. should we learn from that? why not. let's do better.

    don't boycott the film's. Who cares?

    I still like breakfast at Tiffany's even though Mickey Rooney is appalling

  4. Wait Saagar read an article accusing someone of being woke and he took as fact. Of course he would! That’s literally how his party stays in business. Culture war sells and guess who’s buying? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Gotta agree with Krystal here. Those gobbos are a little cringe, but good for a chuckle and a little side eye not an internet witch hunt. I’m really starting to like this new Jon Stewart bloke.

  6. Hahaha, yes Israel is not Innocent. 😇 But don't you dear cross U.S. policy. Even if your a dem. You must be punished. The fact is IDF does not want peace. And the question is why do we give so much aid to a state that is in clear violation of international law? 💡 The more you know….

  7. I.watched his original.comments. He wasn't joking. He said something to.the effect about implicit bias. Never read the original book but felt weird to me. Even a good person can over reach.

  8. Rowling’s got no good will from me given how vociferously she went after Jeremy Corbyn, so yeah the goblins to me don’t look great. (But that’s a separate point to the one Stewart’s making, mainly that Newsweek are shitstirrers.)

  9. Has anyone asked any goblins how they feel about being called " a Jewish Trope"?

    I have never been to the US, and probably never will and I have always liked America and supported the country but…

    FFS, where do you get off constantly seeing the world only through the eyes of your society?

    Back in the day when stories/folktales were being told about fey and fairy creatures in Europe, most people hadn't traveled beyond the next village. Yet now, their folklore/stories are being used in 21C America to portray somebody/something as "racist".

    Ever considered that the goblin came first?
    That the idea of a money obsessed creature existed in folklore and that it's the racists that overlayed the Jew on top?

    And now you are just doing their work for them.

  10. todays dead main media is holding a micro scope to those that are moving up! they spend millions on there content that is now going nowhere. it's shows like yours and Jon's that have REAL content. and holy shit…you do your job to make sure its the correct info. the networks won't go near you all due to there corporate income.
    thanks as always
    stay well

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