Jon Stewart: Trump isn’t some incredible supervillain

Comedian Jon Stewart discusses with CNN’s Jake Tapper why he thinks the country’s focus on former President Donald Trump is a mistake and painting him like an “incredible supervillain” is the wrong move. #CNN #News

Written by CNN


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  1. The election was stolen. It's a fact. States changed the voting rules, PA, that werent legal and it caused trump to lose. Further more. mail in balloting is untrustworthy. I will never forget when my mothers mail in ballot arrive because it just happened to be on the day she died (of cancer). I didnt vote by mail, and i didnt open moms ballot, but i imagine i could have cast it without anyone knowing? What are the checks and balances there. How would anyone ha e known my mother wasnt the one who filled out the ballot and turned it in?

  2. That orange idiot is DEFINITELY not some incredible supervillain. First of all there is nothing super about the man. He is as base and common as they come. The only thing that separates him from any punk sitting in a jail cell right now is daddy's money.

  3. Stop waiting for the government to fix itself. It never will because it has never wanted to do so and never will want to do so because it isn't profitable to do so. Instead, start building the systems you want to have right now within the system and eat it from the inside out. Then, when the current system has been so hollowed out that it dies, our robust systems will emerge and forever replace Capitalism.

  4. You people should be ashamed of yourself for pushing this narrative. You are the reason that that man killed all those people in that parade. And you know it. It was just a Christmas parade with a bunch of innocent people along with a whole bunch of children.

    You push so much garbage out every day, that is not surprising there are so many confused people out there. You should really be held accountable. Now I know you don't believe in God. But just what if he was real. I guess you are going to hell.

  5. We all need to wake up and stop being indoctrinated by these people who spew on & on about Freedom & Democracy. Marvin Simkin said: “Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99 percent vote.” 😊

  6. Biden gave control of our Southern border to the drug cartels and Fentanyl is killing thousands. Children are being raped on dangerous journey. Joe and Kamala should be held accountable. Those evils were diminished greatly under Trump's leadership so we should recognize that fact

  7. CNN contributes to the decay of democracy. Gives nothing but one sided opinions to boost the left and try to discredit the right. ( I’m a moderate not some crazy trump loyalist) but all your company does is mislead for a political gain.

  8. Tapper…. He acts like tens of millions of people have all simultaneously lost their minds & plunged into this “Big Lie” fantasy. When was the last time THAT many people were suddenly all wrong? That’s one of the beauties of collectivism. The very moment that seven states suspended their vote counts at 1AM, I know for me it was such a simple thought process “Well, this has never happened in the 55 years of watching election nights in my life. This obviously is where this cheating is gonna start”. Trump leading in every state…. The global oddsmakers had him as a whopping 8-1 favorite at that time (I checked) where they were still actively taking bets. Not that they’re the end all-be all authority on politics, but they’re definitely not in business to hand money away. Point is that nobody knew this massive overnight swing was coming. 90% of people were super-confused during that bizarre press conference Biden gave at 1AM when he said the Dems were in a great position. Biden knew the sneaky plan…. The rest of us didn’t. And then the most obvious part of everything…. We all go to bed with one guy leading easily in 7 states. We wake up and the media tells us that guy lost. OK fine. Evidence is great cuz it legitimizes everything. But when only one party was allowed to get within 6 feet of those mail-in votes… & in every last state those people were appointed by Democrat leadership within those states….. It actually shocks me that there aren’t’ more insightful liberals that are simply perceptive…. I have so much more respect for the rare liberal that says “That rat needed to be expunged from the White House. I could care less if we cheated to get him out”, than I do the liberal like Tapper that’s trying to run with this narrative that anyone who took issue with “The Big Lie” is out of their mind. They were simply the smart people who know they’re being taken when it’s happening. Why fault em for that, ya know?

  9. They worry about Trump. He arrived way after the American way was traded and sold overseas. COVID proved more about us than it did him. The question is, did anyone learn. We had one chance to learn about the system. It lasted four years. If hate blinded you then you missed it.

  10. Trump came within an hair of overthrowing democracy and we're supposed to applaud Stewart for saying stop talking about Trump? 2/3 of Republicans drank the Kool-Aid and still think he won. Sorry folks, Tapper's face was appropriate.

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