Jon Stewart’s New Woke Show GOES BROKE After Less Than A Year On Apple TV+!! Get WOKE Go BROKE!


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  1. Jon Stewart "I'm a guilt ridden rich liberal trying desperately to prove how absolutelynotatallaracist and how virtuous and woke I am. Please watch my show." The world: "Nah…"

  2. I really enjoy your videos, I like and share them every time period I don't comment much because I'm usually driving in my semi and I don't have the ability to do it safely, but realize that I watch a lot of conservative shows on YouTube and other venues but if they all went away and I could only keep one it would be the liberal hive mind.

  3. Stewart's angle is that he doesn't directly associate with the usual libtards/wokees, pretends to criticize them and their positions to some extent. At least that's what it seems to me to be the case

  4. What is amazing is they boycotted a place for calling police on people COMMITTING A CRIME .. and the criminals labelled it racism and the college and student all accepted that without one other dang thought. And then another Georgia college hires one of the criminals. THIS is how bad these idiots have become.

  5. The biggest problem with the "America is systemically racist" trope is that white leftist elite fascists are the ones in charge, and the ones perpetuating it, if it actually exists at all…

  6. When he supported 9/11 responders and called out the lab leak, I thought he was moving in the right direction. Then he went left again. Maybe he overstepped the bounds set by the elites and had to retreat…

  7. Racism and slavery has existed during the history of mankind. America is the least racist country. I have travelled worldwide and racism is worse in other countries. Woke morons, move to another country and get a better understanding of racism.

  8. When I have conversations with people about race and they say all white people are racist my question to them is why are white people racist think about it why would all white people be racist it’s easy go home turn on the news end of conversation

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