Jordan Peterson: “Any Regrets?”

I ask Dr. Jordan Person about his mainstream media interviews where he felt under attacked and if he has any regrets about how he spoke or behaved during them? Does he ever see value in his opponents views and is here a middle ground? He answers passionately here about the importance and necessity of free speech and its role in our individual lives and society at large.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Like many ppl, I start out ‘not liking them’, but because of my experiences, I’ve learn’t to give time, time. And I’ve done that with Jordan Peterson, and I’ve come to mostly, like him. That was good, Russell let JP talk, and I think that’s a very smart way to learn more of the ‘subject’ that ‘one’ is interviewing. I’v NOT a fan of ppl that over-talk when conducting an interview. Is not only annoying, but you don’t get to learn much about the ‘subject’ being interviewed. And, I love Russell. He’s very talented. Exceptional really, in many different ways. He’s a very talented artist and a very talented communicator. So, without going on and on, I’ll leave it here. Thank you, Russell! Being able to make a group of people have a genuine ‘laugh’, is a very special gift. +++ 🙏 🙏 😊 ☀️ 🌟 🌙 💫 💜 ♥️ ☮️

  2. I'm put off Jordon Peterson when I hear him dismissing the climate crisis out of hand arrogantly, and also his habit of telling women what they think annoys me. I also feel uncomfortable with his fans, who seem to worship him and think that having an opinion that differs from his is tantamount to blasphemy, which in turn, makes me ultra wary of him, although I know he's knowledgeable and has some deep insights, I struggle to trust him.

  3. I really wanted to watch more and so signed up for Luminary. But to my surprise, there was no video. To me, the content is totally different because of that. You never mention that when you advertise these short bits as parts of the full versions on Luminary. Instead, I get more from the short bits because I'm a visual person. How do you feel about leading people to believe there's video on Luminary? Is there an alternative place where there actually is a full version of your Luminary podcasts? Because they're all but useless to me without video. You keep selling Luminary as though it is a longer version of what we see here. To me that is blatantly dishonest and puts a sarcastic spin to your words because of the possibility of your genuine-ness being all for a weird kind of show. I know you that's exaggerated, but I just can't get an unsavory taste from you continuing to advertise Luminary like a full version of YouTube.

  4. QUESTIONING = FREE SPEECH !!…we are at the age were The Thought Police will knock at your door as they are doing in Australia…when you cant ask you have the right to remind silent!!

  5. The connection between freedom of speech and freedom of thought is something CSJ ideologues understand very well—control what a person is or is not allowed to say and you control how they think and how they are able to express themselves. Orwell called it 'newspeak', and it's here today, in schools and on campus, in the workplace, in the media and institutions, and most worryingly or all it's creeping into government.

  6. I think if Jordan Peterson gets under your skin it's probably because you have a lot of work to do on yourself. The only people I know in my life who are pissed off by him are people who always try to big note themselves, don't admit when they're wrong, don't take responsibilty for their own actions, etc. There's certainly a trend here. Personally, he's one of the people who currently exist that I'm most thankful for. Listening to countless hours of his nuanced lectures and discussions has been transformative. In all the right ways, of course 😉

  7. Jordan Peterson is the voice of sanity in a world of chaos. If you listen properly he is the true voice of ‘woke’ in which I mean he has empathy and understanding and love for all. The Woke mob who take a phoney liberal stance are often offended by the ugly truth of of somebody calling out pseudo victimhood.

  8. I like both of you. Sometimes I think that I like listening to you guys because you use language that sounds, and is, intellectual, which makes me feel "intellectual" by listening to it. Although sometimes my brain switches off and the language just drifts over my head. I guess that's what makes you such a skilled listener and story teller, in that you can speak simply or with an intellectual flair to get the information across to any audience, depending on the circumstances.

  9. I don't mind enemies. You can't change wilful ignorance and stupidity. You will never get to what they really think and expose it to all unless you upset them. They then at this point become your enemy from the standpoint of their ignorance.

  10. A highly misunderstood man, whose insights and intelligence maybe missconstrued as arrogant or abrasive.
    I personally think that the good professor has done far more good than he's given credit for, especially in this highly politicised environment we're living in.

  11. People would rather deflect flaws onto others, than self reflect. When you live your life as a persona, with an image to represent the qualities of that personality, you spend your life trying to portray and preserve that image. To be able to impartially judge their own actions and behaviours from an outsiders perspective, and without bias, might challenge the identity they believed they were their whole lives. We are conditioned and "programmed" into thinking we are a certain category of characters that make up society. We are made to believe that we must accept and represent all of the associated beliefs and traits that accompany that category of identity. Movies and television help shape what our expectations of what reality and the "norm" are. It gives us the same repetitive choices of the types of people that we are supposed to assimilate to. That's probably why people prejudge one another without even having got to know the person. I imagine there's some scientific explanation, like neurons within your brain having formed from birth, that create a foundation of who you believe you are, and the expectations that accompany the standards for those beliefs. Apparently, the reason why break ups, being fired, or any type of major changes in life can feel so physically painful, is because the neurons have to literally sever themselves and disconnect the future you formed with beliefs, and create new connections for a different future. Maybe that's why people who go through traumatic, "life changing" experiences, seem to go through a process of questioning and re-evaluation, or "waking up". The way life was supposed to be is suddenly challenged, and they start to see beyond the parts they were playing, and they start to see the parts others are playing, but until people realise they are not confined to the limitations of having to agree and defend the boxes they are placed in, they will only continue to be pawns of the ideologies of others

  12. I enjoy listening to both of you. You’re more alike then you may realize . You both are genuine and respectful, as when you are in disagreement with someone else you do something the others do not – you present facts , reason, the big picture, common sense & truth . You both give me a sense of belonging and confirm my sanity and my emotions . You both are passionate and that , as I know well, is often mistaken for or turned into something negative . Thank you for being true to yourselves and putting yourself out there – being strong enough to take the backlash of those whom for whatever reason evil or ignorance , can’t hear what your really saying or teaching. And I’m not calling those with different beliefs evil and ignorant . Those with different beliefs are able to explain and find a common ground and respect the conversation – it’s the others out there that I thank you for being strong enough to endure backlash of , and understand there are more of us then of them although I’ll admit it sure doesn’t seem that way these days as designed . Love to you both and to your families for being supportive , strong , and also just as passionate as you.

  13. What you are talking about here is summed up in one word. FOUNDATION.

    Now that's an interesting concept. Let us understand that sin is a foundation and so to is ignorance. In the marriage of these concepts you have the foundation of arrogance in the ignorance of sin. This leads to generational sin for each is a foundation. Steadily falling from grace. These foundations happen after awareness. In this response we lay these foundations on our children before they are aware.

    People lay the foundation for children based on the ignorance of sin. For was the Earth not the foundation before man? Was the big bang not the foundation before Earth? Was the concept of science not the foundation that has brought forth these events?

    So to does this resemble the spirit of man. For do we not obtain our foundation before our awareness? It is hard to break down the foundation that builds you before you build you for it is a bottomless pit of no color. It is just not in our nature. Do not kick against your nature and learn to embrace it.

    Do we not know the concept of love before child? Natural love leads to child. So to must we spread these foundations that has founded us before we have found ourselves.

    Anything else just isn't natural. You want to be natural don't you?

  14. Very interesting. I have problems with standing up to people and purposely antagonising them. But I am realising that it is a skill worth learning. For example in pedagogy I saw how much can change in a child when you challenge him/her.

  15. He makes me feel that he believes people are dumb and easily led and he's game. But I see through him pretty easily, thus I dont feel either antagonized or challenged lol

    He seems to use the same snake oil dance unethical "vegan" does, where they meander around sounding like they're making perfect sense, making good points but ultimately try to drag you into a moral cess pool whilst being seemly ardent and noble in their intentions. So it's like a mind £u(k they're both trying to pull, double speak, essentially. Except that neither of them is particularly adept at it.

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