Jordan Peterson: The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change

When society forgets its moral values nihilism and terror reign. The internationally best-selling author and clinical psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson joins Steven Edginton to discuss the moral crisis facing the West, how people become radicalised and what is filling the void religion once held within society. Watch the full interview above or listen on your podcast app.

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  1. Watching Peterson itch and scratch away at the issues is captivating but rather sad.
    True religion brings certainty, I hope he finds out soon enough.

  2. what a ludicrous position (if the title is an accurate depiction of his position). Our values will eventually cease to exist if we don't do anything about climate change

  3. Jordan Peterson speaks for the vast vast majority of humankind …. He speaks and confirms what people didn't even know they believed … Never surrender to the overlords … The world is uniting ✌️❤️

  4. Dr. Peterson's genuine emotion portrays his passion for truth and the intense responsibility he takes for his conduct among humanity. His humility and belief in the divinity of a soul, adds grace to his keen insights, and focus among the chaos of one-sided perspectives of communism, socialism, and totalitarianism so rampant in today's political landscape.

  5. Globalist controlling seeking lefties yap on about how too much CO2 is building up inside the planet [and will cause climate armageddon] while they totally ignore the actual science that shows how the planet continually vents CO2 into space as in like the kind that acts like a automated thermostat in which nature itself uses to keep the planet temperatures habitable to sustain life like it has for eons now… aka the people who don't believe in a Creator God or a Mother Nature don't understand how the planet was built to preserve life for eons and eons… The very same components that helped form life and protect it for eons and eons now supposedly is a bad thing… Even though plant life especially grows off the CO2 it gobbles up to survive…