Jordan Peterson was Right About Pronouns

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  1. The sad part about this is that it will just lead to more division instead of inclusion. Pretty soon here transgendered people will be discriminated against from finding work because there will be managers too afraid of being fined or locked up for not constantly reminding themselves other people's pronouns.

  2. Also >.> since when are darling/honey/sweetheart etc "gendered"? All those English grannies that ever called me, a man, sweetie/darling/duckie etc better get ready for lawsuits for misgendering or a new slew of divorce lawsuits from husbands misgendered by their wives/partners oh the humanity lmao

  3. Maybe you should've researched what the Canadian charter of human rights is before this podcast. Stopped once you said they should be abolished. Honestly only came to hear about JP.

  4. the really funny thing is that referring to someone as "bitch" or "cunt" or whatever you feel like is now a safer way to refer to someone than "she".

    >"has bitch cleaned the tables yet?"
    >"did you see Karen around recently? I need to speak to bitch about something important"

    and the "human rights tribunal" won't do shit about that, will they.

  5. I'm Canadian. And I'm embarrassed to say that this cancer has swept our major cities. From my point of view, There are two types of people when it comes to this topic of conversation (and fyi, I live in the Capital of Canada)

    1. You're demanding people to acknowledge your self-appointed Identity, and, I quote an individual, "you're an ignorant transphobic piece of pig shit," if you don't.


    2. You do everything you can to avoid ANY pronoun… and hope this shit is just a fad and will just goes away.. and if you happen slip up and actually use a pronoun, you just can't help but roll your eyes when someone attempts to correct you (and I'd like to you to "Option 1" to explain how they "attempt to correct you")

    I feel like an outcast, because I feel like I'm the only one who resides in a third category… who thinks this ^ is dangerous and it's own form of tyranny and oppression.

    It genuinely disgusts me that our country has decided to go this far with the legislation.

  6. "[…]and be respected for who we are". What, for heaven's sake, is wrong with this person. If someone would like to get respected by me, he has to earn it.

  7. There's some real bullshit about that article.

    Dr. Peterson never outright said he wouldn't use someone's preferred pronoun.

    He said he would call someone the pronoun he thought they ought to be(what they look like), and in the case where the intent is to demand usage for political means is where he outright might not.

    He basically said it depends, but the article makes it seem like it's a 100% "no."

    As far as freedom of speech I don't know why we're justifying intent to begin with, it's often times a horrible idea regardless of intent.

  8. The bartender could have maliciously insulted her from top to bottom as far as I'm concerned. That wouldn't have been ok culturally, but you just can't use the law like that. Speech is fought with speech only. In general if someone insults you without cause (I'm not saying this was the case) people will side with you unless you're an idiot about it.

  9. As Reagen said it only takes a single generation for freedom to be stolen.

    We're witnessing it happen right before our eyes. The jungle life looks more appealing every day.

  10. Is this the best you people have on the right wing? A single anecdote after nearly 6 years of screaming about 1984? An example that isn’t even that extreme because it does indeed fall under the definition of workplace harassment and the consequence was a measly 30k fine? Hilariously pathetic.

  11. Idea to get around transphobia! Say you identify as Not Transphobic.

    They must respect you for that and therefore they can't call you Transphobic otherwise if they do call you Transphobic then that would make them transphobic cause they won't be respecting your identification of Not Transphobic.

    Am I smart or am I smart? 😛

  12. "We deserve to live, and have joy, and be respected for who we are."
    You don't DESERVE anything. No one in life deserves a god damn thing. You earn it. Those who demand my respect are the ones least likely to be worthy of it.
    Also, the moment you put your pronouns on the application, it'll get thrown in the shredder because no employer is going to want to take that risk.

  13. A case of the boy who cried wolf because he could actually see that there really were wolves coming… I am not sure how and why people dismiss what JBP says, you can take in his opinions and thoughts without actually being a fan of the guy, that's what discussions are for and how solutions are created.

  14. I can just imagine some black dude laughing his ass off while changing his pronouns to the n word making every conversation with him make everyone seem racist or they get finned.

  15. Good to know this happened in Canada. I was thinking in having a business there, I'll look for the clues and not hire any of that "kind" of people. They are a super liability risk to work with. Hire "normal" people, otherwise that's what happen.

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