Jordan Peterson’s INSANE Canadian Censorship Debacle | Breaking Points

Saagar gives his take on the recent controversy surrounding Jordan Peterson and Covid information on social media.

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  1. Sorry Sagaar but I feel fine. Peterson is an export commodity but few people in Canada take him seriously. He is like the old crazy uncle at Thanks Giving Dinner. We all love him but don't really take him seriously.

  2. Important to note that unlike American doctors who are largely regulated by their peers through a bar association, Canadian clinical psychologists are regulated directly by the government. This means in Dr. Peterson's case these sanctions are government mandates, not censure by a professional association.

  3. Breaking Points is a fantastically informative show, and Saagar is a GREAT journalist! That said, respectfully, Saagar should rehearse his monologue deliveries a bit.

  4. Woke upper castes of USA and Canada can barely hide their disdain for lower caste truckers, railroad workers and farmers. Media are actively enabling this modern day caste system and cementing their status.

  5. The speaker is obviously not a journalist, so nonsense is his calling.
    Peterson holds credentials that demand professional conduct.
    Mr. Peterson has joined the nonsense peddlers, therefore his credentials are at risk.
    It's only confusing to the incompetent.

  6. I'm a Canadian who finds this very strange, but can't quite make it out. Like for a lot of people, it's going to have to get a whole lot worse so that I can understand the evil and then fight against it, if I'm in fighting mode at the time.

  7. I don't like what I've seen of JP's politics (seems like he's chosen cosmetic surgery as his rock to die on) but it's disappointing that the complaints levied are qua public square and not qua clinical psychology. Universities have a responsibility to respect the sanctity of the agora no?

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