Jordan Peterson’s Thoughts on Transgenderism

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Is there a better place to find the truth than between a meeting of great minds over a cup of coffee? No, especially because Ben Shapiro and his friends are involved. Follow him to his favorite local spots, where he lets you in on a secret: where the conversation goes when the camera isn’t rolling.

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Written by Ben Shapiro


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  1. This discussion need not deal with gender issues, roles and assignments. The "fear" of being told "what to say" is caused over a worry that the public won't quickly accept and adapt to what have otherwise been TRADIATIONAL accepted (and expected) ways of speaking to each other. What I mean is, when students are learning language in school, they are learning WHAT to say and HOW to say it – not planting thoughts in their heads – but simply how we address each other. "Mr. Mrs. Miss, Ms. Dr. or Sir, etc. If we have ways of addressing each other based on age (you call a child by his first name, and adult by their last), marital status (only seems to affect women, hmm) or educational degree or title (Dr.), then what is the concern? Of course, nobody is FORCED to call anybody by these titles, but I urge you to consider what would happen if a child decided to refer (insistently) to his male principal Mr. Smith as "Mrs. Stinky Cabbage Head." Now, I think you might say clearly this is meant as a disrespectful insult, which maybe it is, but it becomes completely subjective and difficult to measure if the principal is more harmed by being called that than the child by its preferred pronoun. But as this would cause great offense and be a sign of disrespect, measures will be taken to discipline and correct the child as to how they would be COMPELLED by societal standards to refer to the principal. Now, if the child in question was one of those this new "compelled speech" legislation would affect, would the principal feel obliged to reciprocate in how he referred to the child? Hmm, so in this scenario the pejorative was meant to make a point or in retaliation and not mere disrespect. I'm just asking questions here. I don't think Jordan has considered that much of what we say IS actually enforced by greater forces than barely enforceable slaps on the wrist.

  2. …..and the left demonize Jordan Petersen because he’s an “inhuman evil monster”. My eyes got a little wet when he got choked up about helping people. I’m not the most “agreeable” type of man either.

  3. I am at heart a dyed in the wool leftie. But when I watch anything with Jordan Peterson, I see nothing but a man who really cares for people and wants only the best for them. It maybe a case of the public and private personas being at odds, but anyone who thinks that Jordan is some sort of heartless monster, really needs to watch more of his stuff, rather than having opinions about him after reading about him. I also get a similar feeling from Ben, though he does seem colder and more analytical, but this may only be in contrast to Jordan.

  4. This is an EXCELLENT video.
    However, the background noise is awful. And the background noise will make this video between DIFFICULT to unwatchable for people who are HARD OF HEARING.
    And people who have diminished hearing.

  5. I can watch a lot more BS when he is listening more than he is talking. I don't mind his opinions when they aren't drowning out the main points of a rational argument. (He isn't irrational, but his disagreeableness can't be overpowering if he wants to grow his audience, in my own opinion).

  6. I’ve always been left wing and I still consider myself quite left leaning but I think it’s quite undeniable that the left can learn A LOT from the right on a variety of issues. I think we need to learn to me more accepting of others. There’s so much intolerance nowadays anda lot of it comes from the left actually. I like to think of myself as a lefty with a conservative heart. And I love listening to Jordan Peterson. He’s an incredibly wise and kind man. I really admire him 💕

  7. jp your classification as to what constitutes as "feminine" fails deeply outside of post capitalist society. .. in communist/pragmatic/conservative countries or even tribal ones and those living in the poverty, these women and men both have a mostly "masculine" temperament. the women are only feminine by virtue of marriage & procreation.

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