Jose Alba Acted In Self Defense

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In this video I discuss the obvious self defense case that took place in NYC
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Call Manhattan DA Office: 212-335-9000

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  1. not sure what dude thought he was going to accomplish behind the counter putting his hands on people. But the DA doesnt decide parole, so like your whole rant sounds pretty dumb.

  2. If someone physically attacks me, I am taking their life from them.

    I don't care about your laws. I care about survival. Now what? Got a response for that, lawmakers? You think you have the power? I have the power.

  3. Sadly, I'd like to say that you couldn't make this stuff up, but it seems to happen so much. Is it really a wonder that people lose faith in the political system? Really?

  4. It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. The duty to retreat laws are unconstitutional in nature and anyone that thinks that is ok is fundamentally wrong. I mean, if you can obviously run away if you think it'll safely remove yourself from the situation, but I'll be damned if I am going to try to run and give my attacker a clear advantage over me.

  5. GFM supports black people more simply to keep their ESG ratings high so that they can get investments from Blackrock. Look it up. Do a video on it; ESG is the major cause

  6. Bro you make no sense some times and I have agreed with most your takes but I dont get why you say your sponsors are how you keep the lights on since youtube demonitizes your videos and age restricts them and mkes it impossible to get any adsense money then you say you wont show a part o the video because you dont want this video to get demonitized, age restricted, and burried by the algorithm. I aint got n issue with you selling adspace to companies but if you think telling us we need to sit through an ad only becauses you need to supplement your income loss for the no ads you get then saying you cant show a prt of video so none of those three thing happen makes sense youre kidding. you have an ad spot then just run it without trying to play a victim to the platforms bad content id system for pitty then once your done needing pitty then say censoring is the only way you can avoid the things you just said your a victim of.

  7. If he had a gun it can be argued he was in the wrong cuz nyc gun laws are absured but that's the way the game is here but a knife while backed in a corner? What does this wacko government want???

  8. Here's hoping this reaches the same conclusion as the Rittenhouse case. What the hell is going on? Cops stand about sanitising their hands while children are being shot at close range with only an unlocked door between them and the cops. The cops are great at traffic stops and showing no self control when shooting unarmed black men. Well it didn't take long for us to get here from prizes for all at school sports days, a dumbed down education system, no accountability, no discipline, no consequences for bad or anti-social behaviour. We have that generation now as adults who are riddled with self interest and no concept of putting others before themselves.

  9. IMO, the moment Simon steps behind the counter Alba should be well within his rights to take whatever steps he deems necessary to protect himself and his business.

  10. I'm so over it! FUCK THESE PEOPLE SERIOUSLY! this is such a disgusting miscarriage of Justice. I'm going to do whatever I can to help. I keep thinking about what if this was my father…this could be any of our fathers!! AND WORKS HARD HIS ENTIRE LIFE AND CONTRIBUTES TO NOT ONLY THE ECONOMY BUT HIS COMMUNITY AND IS A HARD-WORKING MEMBER OF SOCIETY AND THESE THUG LOW LIFE PIECE OF HUMAN SHIT RUIN HIS LIFE AND HIS FAMILY'S LIFE OVER A BAG OF CHIPS. I don't think I remember being this angry in a long time…..

  11. People should make that DA abundantly aware that the rights he/she refuses others will be refused to him/her so in the case that DA is attacked, they must lie there unresponsive and take the beating or they will be thrown in jail. This is how society becomes completely depraved.

  12. Crime is okay. Defending against it, is not.

    That's what you get when you elect woke DA's. You become part of a hunting reserve for criminals. Vote accordingly

    Don't ever use gofundme

  13. The DA Alvin Bragg is black. The aggressor was black. The girlfriend of the aggressor is black.
    She wasn't charged for stabbing Alba because she was "just" defending the aggressor.
    I guess if you are getting attacked and you fight back, the bad guy's backup would be justified helping the bad guy attack you.
    This was in fact, two against one…yet the GF is not charged.
    She was carrying that knife around in her bag. Illegal?
    Race card perhaps?

  14. Words can’t describe how much I despise the Manhattan DA. The city’s going to shit and this guy’s like “why tf not, let’s make thing’s ‘better’”

    Also New York’s self defense laws are absolutely dog shit. Puts the power in the hands of the criminal rather than the hands of the normal person, because it requires you to flee. Great to know that in scenarios where you can’t flee, you are still the bad guy for choosing to protect your life.

  15. Arizona passing law you can't film cops closer than 8 feet.
    The law that REALLY needs to be passed is edited videos passed off as the whole story.
    MSNBC to this day hasn't shown the full George Floyd video.
    Should be a felony to broadcast edited videos as the whole video when it comes to evidence of crimes be recorded.

  16. This is a goal of the Democratic Party–no self-defense. Imagine how many people are rotting in prison for self-defense because it wasn't caught on video.

  17. The prosecutor's in Kyle's case where thankfully totally useless but what gets me is they didn't want to prosecut any criminals they wanted to let out criminals out yet they go aline for some one defending themselves shows how scummy they are

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