Josh Bernstein and Dr. Naomi Wolf: Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Adverse Events Explained

In this video, Josh Bernstein interviews Dr. Naomi Wolf on experts who are pouring their energy into analyzing the plethora of Pfizer documents. So far they have discovered serious adverse events such as blood clots, neurological harms, heart problems, negative effects on fertility, and so much more.

Written by Daily Clout


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  1. One thing that Naomi ignores is that darpa , defense dept developed these jabs, yet she focuses on some Chinese company that works with biontech as the conspiracy that says China did it… No you're playing cover for the US government… Why

  2. As a far right wing conservative MAGA gal, I have to state you are the best. I am very happy and proud I follow you. BTW. I share your videos all across social media: Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Parler, Truth Social, Gab. Keep up the good work. 👍

  3. I am really grateful for Naomi’s efforts to help humanity and safeguard our precious values and lifestyle. It’s scary to accept that cop and big corporations are on the same page.
    When all this C-19 started and the authoritarian rules were imposed in the “free world” I thought that this virus must carry something more that can change peoples’ behaviour and become so submissive and brainwashed overnight. I don’t know how the leaders of the free world can impose this on their own people. I look in disbelief at Germany, Austria and the EU commission… they are nuts! Ursula is friends with big Pharma and made deals from her personal phone with the Pfizer ceo. It’s all pure madness and I am appalled that Ursula as a woman is capable of such a crime against humanity. Many other democracies have been erased and I don’t know if all our leaders are so greedy and capable of harming us for their personal gain or if they are just morons.
    I am so confused… I still refuse to accept that our leaders would pursue depopulation because they are nothing without us, it’s a self destructive policy.

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