Josh Rogin on Anthony Fauci’s Influence

Taken from JRE #1640 w/Josh Rogin:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. There you go you said it all it did come from Wuhan lab there's no questions about it I mean come on they're trying to get scientists from America to go over there and study it 15 years ago

  2. Fauci is an political tool. Always has been and always will. Even more amazing is they brought back the same piece of trash that vomited up the 9/11 report to head the covid1984 report.

    Keep thinking this was an act of nature or a lab accident… lol
    How many times do simulations have to run simultaneously as an event before you realise that this shit is done on purpose?

    Look up event 201 on YouTube and watch for yourself.

  3. Joe reallyyyyy dipping his feet into conspiracies.

    I thought he didn't like conspiracies? Didn't he always used to shit on Eddie Bravo Everytime he'd go into them?

  4. "nobody cares that you were tweeting about being skeptical of all the manipulative narratives and the flat-out lies being forced down America's throat a year ago"
    Go ** yourself dude.

  5. GAIN of FUNCTION studies are taking pathogens and making them MORE pathogenic than they would be just by themselves…. That's called a BIO WEAPON.
    It is extremely dangerous because of contamination issues.
    An entirely disingenuous to pretend that making buy weapons is a step towards protecting the public. The wooham biology Lab is an extension of the Chinese Communist People's Liberation Army. This whole thing of so-called giving FAUCI the benefit of the doubt is insane. He is the same man who was called out by generals in the Air Force during the HIV/AIDS crisis for falsifying scientific papers in his attempt to fast-track the development of an HIV vaccine, while simultaneously blocking access to safe, non-toxic, effective, inexpensive drugs. He and the CDC are also responsible for covering up that 10% of the US blood supply was discovered in 2011 to be contaminated with retroviruses that came from the vaccines.

    Now we have the same issue of marketing these injectables from various pharmaceutical companies as vaccines when they are patented as investigational experimental gene modification products.
    There are 24 known mechanisms of injury that have been identified from various scientists around the world who have analyzed the components of these products. There is nothing about them that preserve the health of the population. In fact the degree to the severity of these injuries from every kind of rare blood disorder to hemorrhaging, encephalitis, blood vessels of the brain being injured and lowered sperm count, malformation of placenta in the womb, neurological diseases including ALS Bell's palsy etc.

    Thought she's also a financial beneficiary of these products He is deeply involved with Moderna because he was involved in their inception as a chemotherapeutic drug development company.

  6. All i know is i want to slap that Fauci guy, always changing what he says. Or are the persons doing the research not competent enough. Then change them.

  7. COVID -19 is a smokescreen for current events including, if not solely the list of names that were implicated in the
    Jeffery Epstein case. It’s a distraction.

  8. Fauci is a fucking demented dwarf. Never had a clue about any of it and still doesn’t. Masks are useless, following week, we should be wearing mask. Two months later. Masks don’t do anything. Two weeks later – we should be wearing at least two masks. How about we get a panel of 10-12 folks with common sense next time and not some hack that loves being on tv more than actually knowing anything useful about Covid.