Journalism is Broken | Michael Malice and Lex Fridman

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Written by Lex Clips


  1. I watched this interview twice. This is great stuff Lex. Even when I don't agree with everything yall say.
    You are slowly becoming my favorite podcaster. I truly believe you are next up, to be on the Mount Rushmore of Podcasters. Don't ever second guess yourself.

  2. 3:07 there was a video of Breona Taylor?…I never saw it…From what I heard a guy shot a cop and when they fired back they hit Breona by accident…I would like to see the video.

  3. Very naive view of the truth in mainstream news Lex. We are all responsible for the truth. Love your channel. Please think about applying the standards of science to the media as well. Nothing is what it is said to be without proof.

  4. The corporate media has always lied. It's only because of the internet that for the first time in modern history that the normal everyday citizen can see how corrupt they have ALWAYS been.

  5. Thought Lex would be more on top of this intellectually but all the props in the world in having this great interview. All the credit goes to Lex! But I did think he would be more on top on independent media and no confidence in the sham that is MSM (Especially after having Noam Chomsky on).

    Thank you Lex for helping bringing important information to our society and reshaping our distracted society. It’s one of the most important jobs of our future.

  6. I'm from Iraq and my heart broke yet again when he mentioned the war. I understand there are many horrible things going on in the world and everyone have their own hardships, but this is ours this is mine and my family's. People there just want to live like everyone else in the world while the government and the world politicians looking at Iraq as a gigantic tank of fuel with no consideration of any human life there.

  7. Saddam's WMDs are a bad example, because the media actually reported that correctly. The media (at least here in Europe) never said "Saddam has WMDs", instead they said "president Bush claims that Saddam has WMDs", which was true.

  8. Let's remember what the owners of all the major news networks have in common. Their all little hat people. And they are good at destroying countries.

  9. Solving the journalism problem is perhaps one of the most important conversations of our times. Despite being an ardent capitalist, I think capitalism in this case has been a key catalyst for enabling journalism in the West to mastatise from a relatively reliable source of truth to a manipulative dictators wet dream. Profits have trumped truth.

  10. 3:40 You're right that truth is unobstructed on social media.

    Nor are lies obstructed, not even in theory.

    The Internet is a megaphone that lets anyone shout what's true. It also let's any truth get drowned out with lies. It's technology. It's neutral.

    And, in practice, truth *is* effectively obstructed by ©enso®ship; that's exactly the point of ©enso®ship.

  11. Lex I love you're mixing it up interviewing a guy like Malice, really interesting listening to someone with high math/CS/STEM credentials discuss social issues with a commentator like Malice

  12. It's interesting why journalists are not responsible for any word they say to the public. Feels like anyone can become a journalist today & bullshit 24/7. It's like a teacher would speak/write with a bunch of mistakes in his/her language but said to students that it must be so. If every journalist is responsible for every word they say (instead of listening to whatever the boss makes them tell) maybe be crap makers leave their job because they will be lazy to check facts. To find the truth is a hard job & only hardworking journalists can do that. If we had everywhere best journalists working, can you imagine how clear our mind would be? One Day it must happen. Otherwise, we fail as humans. I think humans are the ones who have understood the nature of evil & the nature of love. But when we hear trash from all over, it messes us away from seeing the line between evil & love. Plus, our schools are way far from high standards that is why we are also kitties of info. But that's their 100% goal. They don't need us to be wise. They better make an education crappy & expensive, then send for us e-mails that say "if you join the army, we'll pay your school dept off", then "we" feel proud that we are veterans & then we let to invest a ton in the military. And after this, we dream of peace on Earth. Comedy.

  13. Been here since I saw you on jre. Im just a dumb framer and some of the subjects are way over my head but you found a way to appeal to me. Keep on keeping on!

  14. One thing to keep in mind if you ever worry about America: our forefathers studied 2000 years of the greatest democratic governance before designing ours. Most Americans probably don't realize all of the balance of power mechanisms built into it. Like many have said, it isn't perfect but it is still the best on Earth. Be wary of being manipulated.

  15. I admire how Lex finds that happy medium between not folding for his guests positions/opinions on things (I love the JRE but we all know Joe is notorious for that) and not getting too emotional when he’s objecting/clarifying something stated by the guest. Nothing seems to escalate into anything too uncomfortable, which cant be easy considering the caliber of guest he brings on. Mr. Malice is as witty a conversationalist/debater as they come and Lex kept things on track by asking the right questions, steering the convo in the right direction even when the pace of the conversation quickened and they weren’t seeing eye to eye.

    We’re all excited to see where you’re at in 3-5 years??ik you don’t usually read comments but you’re up there with the best of us, and Ive found myself looking up to you since I’ve found the podcast. You do your thing and we’re all better for it, rock on dude

  16. Nah man, social media isn't great. Before we at least had some kind of filter on stupidity. I really don't need perspective of all those other people, because most of them can barely read with understanding….