Journalist ADMITS He Lied About Getting Hacked After He Got Caught Tweeting To Trump Haters

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  1. Forgiveness is our hope. Without it, we are nothing. Paraphrasing, Jesus said to forgive, again and again. I think we can forgive. In the words of Reagan, “trust but verify”. We don’t want to emulate Cancel Culture wherein redemption doesn't seem to exist.

  2. They are all like this, they are Democrats who own slaves and are fighting to make sure the Dems win. He is just stupider than you average reporter DMs another idiot on his open twitter account what a twit.

  3. Is Tim suggesting that Twitter should not have banned him? You don't have to know anything about politics to know that's a really stupid take. Twitter probably spends thousands of dollars investigating hacking claims to keep their users safe and happy. Why shouldn't they have harsh penalties for people who lie about such things? They're wasting time and money!

  4. Wait… Did Tim just say "OUR SIDE"? Did you accidentally slip off the fence? Hurry, get back up there and retract that. Tell us how bad you hate Trump but are holding your nose to vote for him. Hahaha

  5. The issue here is we are letting these people get away with their bias. If he hadn't got caught, he would have continued to lie about his bias and even being another bias moderator at another very important debate. The left will NEVER forgive any of their targets of cancel culture.

  6. As much as I despise the Left, this guy admitting the lie took balls. I can respect that. When is that last time ANYONE on the Left (or Right) admitted to (proven) wrong doing? We can't just condemn this man for life lest we turn into what the Democrats have become.

  7. I'll pretend to forgive just like he pretended to be sorry. He will be careful to not get caught next time… so make sure there is no next time. You either have integrity or you don't.

  8. My trust in people is pretty low. If he really wants his apology to mean something, than he's going to have to prove it, until he can prove that he can change and "be a better person", I don't care what happens to him. He brought it on himself.

  9. He has participated in a near treasonous media campaign to hand select the president in 2016, and, when that attempt failed, continued to participate in a defacto conspiracy with fellow media to undermine the authority of the president.

    Then continued, in the 2020 election, to once again see a candidate selected by “the anointed” media elected to the presidency.

    He’s had his three strikes, and those are just the ones that stand out in the current situation.

    In his own eyes, his only sin was not knowing the difference between the Twitter app and the Messages app on his iPhone.

    He deserves what he gets.

  10. IIRC this dude was one of the pushers of Atheism+, which helped herd in this current woke culture we have these days. He's already proven what side he is on.

  11. Stop Tim. Canning someone who deserves to be canned is not cancel culture. He destroyed his credibility, his main stock-in-trade as a journalist.

  12. Nope never forgive this activist. I can forgive the colluding with a Trump foe, his MSM itnis expected. The "i got hacked shenanigans? " nope that was malicious disinformation. The only reason he fessed upnwas the white house demanded receipts. Thisnguy should never work in journalism again, he should learn to code

  13. This is a serious transgression, not just a joke that offended some people. He was not sorry for his actions, but for his carelessness in carrying it out. He needs to real punishment before he can be forgiven.

  14. Tim, Joseph Goebbels Lied to the People, Trick and Manipulated Germans Before ww2. Whats the difference between this guy and Goebbels? You want to forgive and forget someone like that guy?

  15. This is one of the rare times I have to completely disagree with 'the Tim'. Forgive him for getting caught? I think a little remorse would be appropriate with an admission first. Maybe a voluntary leave of absence? Maybe teaching ethics at a community college for a year? In this case Tim would make a good 50s wife. You forgive so easily when forgetting an anniversary, maybe a birthday,
    not for being part of an ongoing conspiracy to overthrow a government,,, something we used to call treason. This would have continued had he not been feeling the pressure of his obvious fake story. Not only would he have done this in the future, your own evidence shown on this segment proves he has been biased in the past and we have no way of knowing how he has twisted reports around by his position with the network. We spent the majority of Trump's first term being force-fed Russian collusion impeachment, even while a real pandemic was going on, and things like this contributed to that. Election interference was, in fact going on, but by elitist, and particularly by Demoncrats who feel they are entitled to the position regardless of the process. This guy was part of that conspiracy of election fraud, was currently participating in a conspiracy of election fraud by providing propaganda services to his religious cult. Forgiveness for things that he does that impact himself or his immediate family is one thing, forgiveness for participating in a continuation of an overthrow of a legitimate constitutional government is another. So count me out, no forgiveness. This goes for people who claimed only their version of the virus narrative can be spoken and nobody else is allowed to contradict their interpretations or findings. There is no forgiveness when you impact the health of my family by denying potential medicines and treatments because they do not fit an anti Trump propaganda process.