Journalist Attacked by Radical Far-Left Group (Melbourne Protest) Watch Until The End!

An indepedent journalist who was attacked today speaks out.

Police are investigating a spate of attacks that occurred in its downtown precinct of Melbourne, including one that targeted independent journalist Rukshan Fernando, aka the real rukshan.

Protesters from the left-wing, communist-organized group shouted slurs and threw vegan milkshakes at Mr Fernando, resulting in further scrutiny from the population of Victoria.

Abuse and assaults have become a tactic of some left-wing radicals. Numerous members of parliaments have faced threats and harassment this year.

These actions show that these ‘communist’, ‘socialist’ and ‘pro-lockdown’ protesters are nothing but ‘totalitarian, thugs.’

They refer to themselves as ‘anti-racist’ but are actually the most bigoted people you will come across. An angry white male tells Rukshan to “wash himself”.

This rally was endorsed and promoted by controversial members of parliament: Samantha Ratnam (greens) and Fiona Patten (reason party).


Real Rukshan: 👇🏽

Written by Meet Karma


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  1. Sorry You were abused like that today Rukshan 😔 it's really disgusting how these people always hide behind anti-racisism and yet are the most racist POS's.
    I really hope you have every single one of those people charged with assault.
    I dread to think what would of happened if the cops weren't there. Bunch of brain dead hive minded sheep!!

  2. 80 years ago it was said "The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists"

    These pathetic, basement dwelling losers dont even know the meaning of the word.

    Ohhh, and Hitler disarmed his own population and was for absolute govt control. All these anti-mandate protesters worldwide are pro gun and for less govt control you losers

  3. Those are order Followers. They don't stand for anyone but those who hold their leads. They are made to look like they are protesting the opposite cause in order for the narrative to stay alive.
    Which is to control the masses through FEAR MANIPULATION.

  4. Fascism according to Mussolini – ''FASCiSM should be called CORPORATISM as it is a merger of State & Corporate power. These pro-fascism people are backing the merger of State / Govts with MRNA / VAX Corporations / Drug Cartels & their immunity from prosecution contract re any deaths, injury or other side effects caused by their DRUG that AUS Gov'ts signed WITHOUT consulting the people. They are all defined fascists according to the definition of the 'Father' of Fascism. Now considering that the Drug Cartels involved are NOT Australian ones – they are also backing a blatant act of TREASON committed by AUS politicians, police, media, assoc. 'Health' bodies etc, etc – as they help a Foreign power dictate terms to AUS citizens & brutally VIOLATE them if they SAY NO to this FOREIGN POWER Dictatorship & their needle rape coercion policy. SAY NO to Fascism. SAY NO to Treason. ps – THE FAIR GO FOR ALL = A JUST, BALANCED & EQUAL JOURNEY IN LIFE FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL. Australia's Gov't merger with Foreign Drug Empires CONVID POLICY is against the FAIR GO FOR ALL. Lest we forget. – Dave from Australia.

  5. 🤣🤣 OMG what a bunch muppets, “anti-racists” (all white) harass and threaten a peaceful man of colour just doing his job, I hope none of their communist germs got on you Rukshan! 🤣🤣 protesting against freedom a bigger pack of idiots only exists inside the Australian government.

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