Journalist BUSTED attacking Johnny Depp fans and their families?! Trying to smear them for Heard?!

A journalist for the New York Times is attacking members of the Justice for Johnny group, calling their families and jobs. All to write a smear article, to go after his supporters and give some support for Amber Heard?!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Really the best advice is to not talk at all with the vast majority of 'journalists'. They do indeed know what they want to write and are only asking to speak with you so they can gather information to bolster their story. We have the Internet. It's also not a bad idea to speak with a lawyer if a journalist is seeking a comment.

  2. These ain't journalists, journalists investigate and write facts, but today they write opinions which is mostly gossip, therefore our conclusions should be as always… Gossip isn't reliable.

  3. I'm looking forward to the UK court case as I doubt anyone knows who she even is over here that isn't following the case. Also, not answering or dodging questions and eating in a courtroom will get her held in contempt….

  4. She was cheating with elon musk and he has a baby and wife..she is abusing jonhny depp and want money and destroy hun because he is to kind a coward she means..

  5. Trying to bury the truth..arrgh!!! Amber buried herself with the OWN WORDS OUT OF HER MOUTH!! She has no one to blame but herself….She is trash! Incredibly Average has done an excellent job getting the truth out there.

  6. Incredibly Average hasn’t posted anything that he can’t back up with proof. A lot in Heards own voice. The woman is a nut case and should be institutionalized

  7. Johnny depp is a decent man and Amber heard should be given a special place in hell, right next to Satan and forty lashes to compensate wrongly accusing him of abusing her, End of.

  8. It's amazing to me that so many outlets are smearing Depp after everything that is coming out. Amber's PR machine and lawyers are grasping at straws and looking for anything to use to smear him and trying anything to make her look good. They are all ridiculous! Everything you need to know about her and her personality are in those recordings between her and Johnny. He sounds perfectly rational and logical in them and she doesn't. I'm not saying that he is perfect, doesn't have issues, or doesn't make mistakes but I definitely do not believe he physically beat any woman ever or is by nature a violent person. He DESERVES to be heard and to defend himself against allegations that harm his reputation and career. He DESERVES his day in court and deserves justice and vindication. He tried to handle everything privately and SHE did this. He tried to protect her and not tarnish her name. He knew what would happen. He knew this circus would happen. She has brought all of this on herself and I am proud that Johnny is not letting ANYONE get away with damaging his reputation. He doesn't deserve all of the abuse and doesn't deserve to be vilified for being a victim of someone like Amber. I really hope he gets vindication and she receives all the negative consequences she deserves for being a shitty person and a liar.