“Journalist” Can’t Stop COPING After Elon Musk DESTROYED Her Career With 1 Tweet!


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  1. Better question…..why does state media spend it's time covering up the obvious about Biden, his son, and corrupt family? Gee, I guess I just answered my own question..'state media'.

  2. I typically like your content. That being said I am getting a little tired of the generally disparaging references to boomers. I find that rather strange coming from one who likes to call out bigotry. Just something you might want to consider for the future.

  3. It would be pretty funny if Elon then posted a meme about Donald Trump Jr and then called out MSNBC for taking too long to acknowledge it (Let's be real, they never would for that instance) and for being a bystander against "indecency". Maybe throw some ableism in there for pointing out his Asperger's which contributed nothing to the story and was clearly meant to passive aggressively hurt Elon.

  4. LH, you skipped over the "best" part, where she takes a cheap slander-shot at Elon with "father of at least nine." Like "he's a sleazebag with an unknown number of illegitimate kids." These people are sick and twisted beyond belief.

  5. Is this non-personality refugee dating Hunter Biden? What woman would defend this disgusting POS? Going out with your dead brother's widow? Denying a child you brought into this world with a hooker? Always cracked up and videotaped every crime he committed! What an idiot! Are you kidding me?

  6. She’s openly protecting a perverted drug addict, his treasonous sellout of our country, and hooker filmmaker and she passes moral judgment on Elon Musk the world’s richest man who has created so much for modern society? The lies keep getting bigger and bigger.

  7. That lady is a wing nut! There not journalist Rachael Maddow, MSNBC. saying how Trump made claims about the Medical ship was across the coast and wouldn't make it in 5 days. Guess what? IT WAS THERE! How embarrassing you would think these idiots would pick up a phone and call the coast guard or do some kind of research to see if it is Possible. They are lying snakes and we should call are cable companies and see if we can have such stations removed from our cable menu. So even if scrolling through channels we do not land on them giving them a higher rating. FOX and Trump, The future

  8. "how to win friends and influence people" huh? I guess her kids will have something to say about their 'mom' and what was SHE thinking? Why would she trash her kids idol? DUH!

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