Journalist FriendlyJordies House Gets Firebombed

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. Forget being cancelled of Tick Tok or Twitter or being branded with a labeled. When you're a comedian/journalist and your home has been firebombed to ashes, you know you're effective in your work and are a threat to big corp and corrupt government. He also gave the mainstream media a big "fuck you." Take note of FriendlyJordies on what he's done and watch out what he does next. This attack against him has thrown a shitload of gasoline on his fire.

  2. Sounds like a great guy, and sounds about right for Global Corp Inc.
    You should get in contact with Helppa, John Bohlenbaugh. He exposed the pipeline company that had the first bitumin spill in Michigan. He worked for the company, AND lived in the town. They told him to do a cover-up, he refused and went on a crusade about tar sands bitumin.
    He's been attacked, they tried to blow up his car and sabotage his motorcycle.
    I hope he's still alive since he's been working around that toxic bitumin to make his videos.

  3. Not only did Jordie get the deputy Premier Barilaro sacked, he got a bunch of Barilaro's mates sacked when they tried to give him a cushy trade job in the US. Thanks for the coverage. Murdoch makes sure he gets none in Australia, nothing good anyway.

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