Journalist FURIOUS That Feds Announce ARRESTS Of BLM Rioters Because Its Helping Trump Win Election

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  1. Radicals want to PUNISH anyone who doesn't embrace their agenda, while others – who SHOULD be terrified of the radicals – instead support them if it means their political opponents get hurt.

    Yeah, this should end well…

  2. If Trump had the power to summon riots from the African American community at will, does that not make him the most unracist white person of all time? Because African Americans are NOT mindless drones that do whatever the democrat plantations tells them to do.

  3. These RIOTS ARE POLITICAL. Come on man…this is Demoncrat funded chaos & that's why whacktivist journalists are pissing themselves.

  4. A Vote For Biden Is A Vote For Anarchy.
    Do not believe his flip flopping.
    Remember he endorsed and defended the looters & rioters.
    He denied it was happening.

    Remember if Biden is elected the looters & rioters will be emboldened. They WILL make their way to suburbs.

    When you defend your life's work aka your home. When you defend your loved ones.

    You will be the one arrested.

    Trump 2020

  5. Good show but why don't you trust yourself to buy your own health insurance? You seem like a smart guy, Why do you want to give your 3K to the government and let them decide what healthcare you should have, Why not just keep your money and spend it yourself, make your own choices. Seems odd to me that someone who isn't a fan of the government in general is in favor of letting them dictate what health insurance you have. . Not To mention, the government doesn't have much experience with healthcare, I'm sure they'll screw it up, they're not businessmen, The best way to make sure everyone has healthcare is to make it cheaper, make it more affordable, and you do that by applying free market to it, Get rid of all the regulations and state line rules and lower prescription costs and make doctors and hospitals publish their costs, so people can actually shop and compare, create competition, NOT by eliminating ALL competition. What happened when Obama made healthcare mandatory, YOU HAVE TO BUY IT, and eliminated all competition, The cost went through the roof!!!!. of course, If I had a product that people HAD to buy and there was no competition, I could charge what ever I wanted for it, how about ONE MILLION DOLLARS. ha ha ha I have so many friends that think just like you, they want everyone to have healthcare and think the way to do that is to just have the government provide it. WRONG. The Medical industry is already a socialist pile of regulations and government control and rules and corruption, adding more isn't gunna fix it, GO THE OTHER WAY my friend, less government, free markets, competition, de-regulation, and at the end of the day, If there is 20 percent of the population that still can't afford it then put them on medicare and let them live with whatever the government and the rest of us chipping in with our taxes can provide. This is already in place. sure go ahead and take care of the poor. But don't put everyone in government programs just becuase a few need them. Universal healthcare is the same as , Hey I'm in favor of welfare, yea we should put EVERYONE on welfare, , yea take away the JOB market, and just put everyone on welfare< oooh they want to do that too, its called universal basic income.. STAY AWAY FROM GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS with the word UNIVERSAL in them, Universal = end of freedom, Universal bondage, Universal /government, the two worst words in the english language.

  6. Trust me becuz im related to some, democrats are not self aware, they believe fake news that Trump is to blame and they are drifting further and further away from reality.

  7. Black people generally don’t like used that’s why the Democratic Party show us clean done over Sanders because they were worried that are you rich man would not pull in the votes in the southern states from the Blackstar

  8. Antifa didn’t start these riots. That was the black community in Philly. Antifa confronts cops and damages property. The ppl rioting are shooting each other and looting.

  9. Right: Let's debate the issues.
    Left: We don't debate racists, bigots, and homophobes. The science is decided.
    Right: Okay, let's not debate.
    Left: Silence is violence. Convert or else. Resistance is futile.

  10. Universal healthcare, what could go wrong, let's see, denying folks some folks health care due to political beliefs. Think that can't happen, you have folks now losing their jobs due to political beliefs. 2- the quality of the health care. Remember mick jagger came to America for his heart surgery, when it would have been free in England. Tim, socialism does not work, hasn't history taught you anything.