Journalist IN MEXICO: Fact And Fiction Of Biden’s Border Crisis

Author and journalist, Ioan Grillo, discusses the crisis at the southern border and explains what the Biden administration is doing about it.

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  1. Pastels. You guys should look into that Financial Times article about the 'great reset'. Is it possible that the financial system itself is causing global warming?

  2. Illegal president, illegal admenastiton, occupying force of traitors, America or east Germany in 1960, what razor wire around are Capitol not enough for you!! Communist traitors period!

  3. I don’t see the logic behind taking in “refugees” or “asylum seekers” from Honduras or El Salvador.
    America is 3-4 countries away from those nations, and 1 of those 4 countries in between is Mexico, which is huge relative to Hon. or El Sal.
    So, far as I can figure, once an asylum seeker, claiming to be under threat from someone in El Salvador, travels across 1 or more safe countries, they become economic migrants. And economic migration shouldn’t be allowed.
    These people clearly just want to enter America. And they are taking advantage of our charity and goodwill for their own gain.
    This was on full display with the “Syrian migrant crisis”, where migrants, the majority of which were not Syrians would travel across like 12 safe countries all to get to the one of their choosing.
    A real refugee doesn’t wander the continent looking for the best economic opportunity , they just want to get safe somewhere.
    If you’re telling me that the victim of some el Salvadoran gang isn’t safe in the 2000 miles between El Salvador and Mexico’s northern border, then why would they be any safer inside America’s interior?
    Migrants shouldn’t be accepted in to countries that are more than 1 safe country away. If America’s gov starts bombing us, I have no expectation of traveling across many safe nations to get to El Salvador. I’d go to Mexico, or Canada. Anything further isn’t asylum seeking, it’s going from beggars to choosers.


  5. No, Saagar. We could solve the migrant problem if we stop overthrowing democratically elected leaders and arming death squads to kill indigenous citizens protesting the theft of their land and water rights by US corporations.

  6. Wake up ?Incompetent senile Joe BIDEN ASKS FOR HELP with the illegals flowing in the country by the thousands. The New York Times reported that the Biden administration “has been quietly pressing Mexico to ramp up its efforts to limit the flow of migrants.” The Biden administration is hoping to use vaccine distributions to get better cooperation from the Mexico government. The Times said Biden “is clinging to a central element of Mr. Trump’s agenda: relying on Mexico to restrain a wave of people making their way to the United States.” Democrats making a mess of our US Mexico Border. Illegals will be bringing in all kinds of diseases to our country.

  7. "First of all" and "here's the deal" are all he knows how to say.

    But my goodness, the Biden administration doesn't literally say the words, "come here to the states for work, we love you" but their lax immigration enforcement and laws incentivizes them to enter illegally and come here.
    Trump's immigration enforcement was one of the few issues I actually agreed with him.

    We can't take these people. We have enough problems as it is. Our immigration laws aren't made to benefit immigrants but to benefit Americans. We have no obligation to keep these people. We need to force these people to turn back. We don't need you or want you here. It's not because we're rahcist it's because it's a distraction from bigger and more important issue. It's also the fact that too many people are exploiting the asylum laws on the books.

    Workers of the world can't unite if the workers are trying to work in a small set of particular countries.

  8. Why did the mexican government refuse?!!! You guys know the answer, USA are bullies and force other governments into situations that sovereign governments wouldn't otherwise do.

  9. The Dems party group should bring all of the people on the border to their home!! All of them have a big house! Please don't take the American people, taxpayers, to feed all of them!! The American people have been dealing with the pandemic enough and enough! If we don't deal with the pandemic we don't mind sharing it with them,

  10. Deport every person who comes here illegally immediately. If they come again automatic jail term that increases at every attempt. No problem after the word gets out. So easy.

  11. Why go to a Scottish journalist for the US-Mexico border issues? No to through shade to Ioan Grillo(which have been in LA for decades by now) but, there are a lot journalists the cover these issues from different approaches trade, economic, cultural, narco-politics, Etc. You named, they already have written about, in other words go to reliable, in depth journalist which almost always is local.

  12. Jesus Christ Biden can't string together two coherent sentences. The reporter had to phrase his own answer for him. It just goes to show how completely bankrupt the political system is that this is the candidate that was appointed by the democratic elites.

  13. Este quito el muro solo por que fue Trump que lo hiso, y ahora que embarre Esta hacienda las cosas tan mal el no sabe la clase de persona que esta entrando y estamos en peligro, quieren ser tan humanitario pues preparen sus casas y asi le dan cavida, ustedes no piensa en el pueblo tanto problemas que hay que toda via no resuelven y quieren cargarse con mas

  14. I'm surprised by this situation. Seems like we want to do things humanely. I wonder if they're going to engage in real problem solving. Not that the last admin didn't problem solve, this is a different approach. That's it

  15. The appetite for drugs in the U.S. causes the drug problems south of the border and it's the Americans fault. But the appetite for guns south of the border is not their fault. You people are totally confused. We have gang violence in the U.S. that is out of control. We have over 50 million people in the U.S. who live in poverty. But lets spend our money on the citizens of other countries rather than on solving our own problems. Why no direct criticisms of all the governments south of the border? And name names! Somehow it's up to a country none of these people are citizens of to solve their problems. It's totally ridiculous.

  16. Democrats play an irresistible political games time to time, but the caravans from Latin America took it for real. It is a very politically correct propaganda by saying open border, but in reality it is like saying Biden opens the door of the White House for anyone who wants to live. This how backfires when identity politicians play too much political game.

  17. “Unaccompanied minors” crossing the border were almost unheard of before Biden took office. I wonder why the surge in specifically young solo travellers, I suspect this is just a new term for minors travelling with adults who can’t be identified as their family. This was always a problem but many people called it separating families

  18. Here's the deal. I am a moron. I really don"t know or care about the border. This is exactly what my Commy handlers want. Their hair smells good. So I am a nice guy.???

  19. The reality of that the US is not equipped to adopt thousands of migrants per day. We simply are not. This is insane. And it needs to end. When these people are invited to do this, they create a worse situation for everyone involved… No other country in the would allows this insanity. The US is eating itself alive.