Journalist Katie Halper CENSORED, BLACKLISTED By The Hill | CounterPoints with Ryan and Emily

Ryan and Emily are joined by journalist Katie Halper who tells the story of how The Hill censored and blacklisted her for a monologue she recorded about Israel-Palestine. Watch her full response linked below.

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  1. 1) Ideally, Halper would not have been censored or fired.
    2) That said, the Hill is a private company and can decide which reporters it hires and which it doesn't.
    3) The standard for journalism should be that reporters/journos at a news company report all of the news and not just the news they agree with.
    4) I honestly get Halper's legalistic argument but it seems slightly dishonest because the criteria for an "apartheid state" that she laid out apply to lots of countries. According to the standards Halper described, China Is An Apartheid State . And so is Saudi Arabia. As is Pakistan. Algeria, too. And this is where it gets interesting… According to Halper's standards (mistreatment of and violence toward foreigners, foreigners deprived of rights like land ownership, voting, and public office), then Mexico Is An Apartheid State . OK, so be it. But is Halper now going to be intellectually consistent in publicly and actively condemning China, Pakistan, and Mexico as "apartheid states" with the same intensity as she condemned Israel?

  2. I am having a hard time listening to Ryan being insulted by media censorship when this is the exact reason why Glenn Greenwald left the Intercept where Ryan is their Bureau Chief. When he resigns over it, those same editors blast him claiming "He was attempting to recycle the dubious claims of a political campaign — the Trump campaign — and launder them as journalism." -Betsy Reed (Editor of The Intercept). He was trying to report on Biden and his son Hunter's dealing with China and Ukraine, which are valid.

  3. Yeah… we're not supposed to know that since 1967 Israel has been an horrific apartheid state. In fact, I would call it a "genocidal" state to the original owners of the land- the Palestinians.

  4. I’m sorry for Katie & I wish the best for her, but censorship will come for EVERYONE, so those that are for it (and for allowing the government to do it) should pay attention!

  5. Imagine working at The Hill today and knowing your entire organization is circling the drain to MSNBC land.
    That feeling has to be worse than getting fired for standing your ground.

  6. I couldn't disagree with Katie more on the topic of Israel and the genocide-on-pause situation they are in, however firing her is just gross. She wasn't saying anything that shouldn't be said, she has every right to make even bad arguments and allow others to submit pieces shooting holes in her take later.
    Also, firing an American at an 'American' company over their stance on Israel really does feed into anti-Semitic worldviews out there that claim Israel owns the USA.

  7. This is absolutely chilling. Can't even talk about the Palestinian and Israel conflict anymore. It's gotten so much worse. Debate is forbidden. As Katie said, the fact that Nextstar can summarily fire her with no compunction or pretense that she did anything.wrong is disconcerting. Corporate media controls speech. Grateful as I am that independent journalism is on channels like this, how many people actually even know of this show's existence?

  8. I quit watching Katie's show during the Jimmy Dore do the vote. Kept having all these people saying your not Progressive If you're not do the vote! Respected some of her other views but apparently from what I see maybe time to give her another try

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