Journalists CAUGHT On hot Mic Claiming COVID Mortality Is Way Low And You Dont Need A Mask

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  1. Of course a lot of people have antibodies. It's been in the US since December. It was never contained in China, and wealthy Chinese nationals love to go on holiday tours. When I was in Prague and Amsterdam in January I saw many, many Chinese tour groups. At Amsterdam airport- which is a major hub, probably 25% of everyone I saw was Chinese. I was horribly sick with every symptom when I came back, but at the time the WHO said it couldn't transfer person to person…

  2. @Timcast Tim! They ADVERTISED for a free coronavirus test. Therefore the volunteers were NOT random. instead of one out of three people having been exposed in Chelsea Massachusetts, you could have simply attracted all those who thought they might have been exposed. It's not a random sample and it doesn't mean what everyone is saying. Because of their sloppy study design, advertising for volunteers to take a test and then treating that like a random sample is crazy. Now we still don't know anything.

  3. More harm than good has already occurred, tim…… massive unemployment after having the best economy ever before corona. My wife finally found a job she really liked a month before this crap. It's gone now. This hysteria caused by the media is just the current get rid of Trump strategy, that's it.

  4. No, our hospitals haven't been overflowing. In a few big cities in a couple of states, yes. But the rest of the country has been a ghost town at hospitals and doctor's offices.
    Our grocery stores aren't flooded with people, things are basically normal. Kids in my neighborhood are riding bikes with their friends, senior citizens are playing golf and walking their pets, and people have fired up their grills.

  5. Why the fuck would he be talking about the regular flu vaccinations? They were having a convo about covid, not the regular flu. That makes no sense, they're two different things. That's like saying, "Hey, better be careful who you take home in this bar, lots of people here with HIV", and the person respond "That's ok, I've had my malaria vaccine." It just makes no sense at all that he'd be talking about the regular flu shot in this context.

  6. I know nobody’s going to see this, but I truly believe the guy was joking when he said we all have vaccines anyway. He was doing something and was probably thrown off by someone saying to take his mask off. That being said the whole rest of the conversation seemed legit.

  7. According to these experts quarantine and social distancing is not best. They say that socialization is necessary for herd immunity, which is how to eradicate it. In fact, they say that the quarantine has prolonged the outbreak, resulting in more deaths and will be why there is a round 2. Check it out:

  8. If there was a vaccine Trump would not keep that to himself he’d say it loud and proud as his approval rating goes to 75 percent immediately after ?

  9. This “HOT MIC” is bullshit propaganda, designed to get those that think the mortality rate is low, to say hey why do they get the vaccine and us normal folk don’t not fair, when in reality the vacccine is the goal!!! Dont take the ticket and dont believe everything you hear just cause it verifies your beliefs!!! Question everything and dont take the vaccine

  10. Are we sure that this "hot mic" recording actually exists, and that the "source/s" aren't the same supposedly real source/s that Katy Tur(d) used to report (or tweet) that Kim Jong Un was in a coma and brain dead? Shit's getting so stupid that it's almost 2nd nature to take whatever the MSM says and be convinced that the opposite is probably the true and accurate story.

  11. There's a correlation (supposedly). Pneumococcus and tuberculosis – if you was vaccinated against that (mainly pneumococcus), and have no other health issues, you're likely to be fine. And that was my first impression when I heard what that guy said. Hopefully, this bugger doesn't have any long term surprises (12 monkeys, anyone?).

  12. It was just two dudes who don’t know anything special making small talk about what they read in pop media. “Water cooler” talk, like we’d all be engaging in if we were at work.

  13. I think most of it was sarcasm. Sounds quite a lot like back and forths on every crew I've worked on when refering to some new edict from on high that conflicts with the last edict. "Dude got cut on his arm pretty bad yesterday." "Good thing he wasn't wearing blue boots, right?"

  14. We think Corona is worse then the flu because nobody talked about the terrible flu seasons where way more people died then now. Winter 2017/18 was a bad flu season but we only learned now about it, I never heard about before!

  15. They probably aren’t wearing masks because they want to be heard. The one guy who was wearing a mask screamed to be heard. No, there is not a vaccine. The guy was throwing a comment out there like people do. Not that it was true. Just saying something sarcastically. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people do that.

  16. He's probably hinting that they already have the antibodies. Since they were talking about studies mentioning that way more people have likely been infected than tests point out. They are probably hinting that they already got it but just had very mild symptoms.

  17. you don't need a mask, the mortality rate is low. how could you be so stupid to not realize they are over hyping this for views? the media is a cornered animal thats dying, how have you people forgotten that we have been expecting more and more insane and increasingly scary stories from the media so they can maintain viewership. I'm pretty sure tim has spent the past year talking about how the main stream media is dying and how internet news is blowing them away. The medias response to that is to overlydramatize and hype up any story they can get ahold of. This shit is the flu, hardly anyone has it, and the main side effect of this lockdown is going to be hundreds of millions of poor africans dying of starvation and millions of americans losing their jobs all so a few thousand elderly americans might live a a few months longer. This entire "pandemic" is gross, and anyone playing into it is an innocent fool that don't have 2 brain cells to rub together to figure out its overblown and over hyped by the media for views and ratings. You really think this is any different from the impeachment we just went though? really? how can a human being be that stupid to not see this? its obvious. stay awake.

  18. Vaccine development takes time and heavy testing before it can be released to the general public. There have been COVID vaccination tests for a while now. I would guess it’s an experimental vaccine if anything