Journalists Develop Mass AMNESIA, COVID Magically Disappears When Leftists Riot

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  1. Hey! Remember Jazmine Barnes?? Of course not! She was a black 7 year old. Gunned down. Shaun King put out a bounty on the white man who did it. White man arrested. White man hangs himself. OH WAIT WHAT'S THIS?!? Black man actually did it! Everyone promptly (within 2 days) forgets her name. WHAT A COHENSIDENCE!!!

  2. Are the hospitals near you filling up with Covoid infected people as a result of all this? I thought that would happen if we didn't hide in our homes with mask on like the "experts" told us. Where is the oh so non biased media to shame all these rioters? To remind them about how important social distancing is as they did with the 2nd amendment PEACEFUL protest a couple weeks ago?

  3. If covid-19 was as serious a super virus as the media made it out to be then the protesters/rioters would all catch it… in this case I wish it were true if only for antifa

  4. conservatives protest from their cars while social distancing and wearing ppe

    The Media: "Look at these disgusting sub humans living among you good people. They should be responsible for the deaths of this country. I bet they just want to get their hair done! How selfish!"

    Urban communities literally rioting over an unjustifiable killing that everyone agrees shouldnt havr happened and those responsible are actually being held accountable

    " Look at these peaceful protesters standing united against the tyranny of the government. (Jim, cut away from them looting footlocker.) They are true American heroes and should stand up for their rights!… Hold on a second, there's a knock on our front door…"

    Does everyone understand what's going on here? Yes? You are being controlled . Epstine didnt kill himself, COVID was manufactured and released, we have to audit the Obama admin.,

    Keep your eye on the birdy!

  5. So the black rioters will become infected and then call the virus racist. Don't assume any white leftist cares about this community. This is probably what those racists want.

  6. Only morons wear masks. Restricting my breathing and weakening my immune system is not a good way to stay healthy. This whole thing is backwards.

  7. The media wants to hurt Trump anyway they can, bur how can they not realize Biden has no chance at winning the presidency, unless the democrats rig the election.
    What is wrong with California? How is Pelosi able to pull the sht she does? People are going to look back at this time and state the truth; Baby Boomers destroyed our country. Gen X is practically retarded with Millennials not trailing to far behind in stupidity.

  8. "they're grieving let them"
    No they aren't. Looting and rioting isn't grieving. People who don't know this guy who wouldn't care if he wasn't black aren't grieving. The family is grieving

  9. American riots are because America went against the WHO and the UN’s idea. They successfully destroyed the economy of the rest of world, but the US refuses too bow. That’s why so
    Much money is being poured into this. If it wasn’t about money then why can theses things be allowed to happen, while a minimum tax paying hair dresser can’t be allowed to work but a non tax paying person can destroy all the businesses. The government protects its money, if they are willing to destroy tax payers it means the money is called money is coming from somewhere else

  10. It doesnt disappear. Were all supposed to just keep mindlessly wearing carbon dioxide trappers while the world goes back to 'normal'. People now sit maskless Right Next to each other while Preaching to me it's Wrong to go into a Store maskless because I'm going to Kill someone that way.
    Much love ??????