Journalists Instructed to Defend CRT

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  1. If you ever feel you might be trapped in an internet bubble I recommend you watch Jordan Peterson interview Yeonmi Park.

    Her view of modern American is shocking, having attended Columbia university she concluded people were far more brainwashed and lost in the West than in North Korea where people are dropping dead on the street from starvation.

  2. All that western male toxic masculinity, white supremacy,, systemic racism that voted in Obama twice and huge numbers of black marxist politicians, most of whom are corrupt millionaires.

  3. My favorite thing to watch has been the progression, not on the Left, but on the Right (sorry Sargon, but welcome to the Dark Side). We used to be all about free and open debate, full of a naíve belief that the best ideas would win by virtue of being the best. We're wiser now.

  4. Marxism=Tactics plan to implement comunism step one divide the population in two main groups the oppressed and the oppressors… CRT =fooling people to believe that they're either oppressed or oppressors depending on skin color..

  5. Please stop saying that equality is bad. Equality means equal status under the law and equal opportunities. The Wokeists hate equality and think it is racism.
    The communist value that CRT pushes is equity, meaning equality of outcome, which can only be achieved by discrimination.

  6. All through the trump presidency they said he was unfit to be president because he was undermining and subverting our most sacred institutions.

    Now the left are openly calling for the undermining and subversion of our most sacred institutions.

    And of course they aren't teaching critical race theory; you don't teach the soldiers why they fight… You teach them how to fight. You don't want your soldiers knowing why they fight because then they might question why they fight. But if you just teach them how to fight they will fight when you tell them to.

  7. The left doesn't understand the right. That failure to understand the others' point of view is exactly what will lead the left to defeat. They'll keep losing ground until there's nothing left because all that's needed to defeat the lefts viewpoint will be logic and reason.

  8. It isn't talked about in the classromms it is implemented in total (often secretly). Carl when they say white they are talking about Whiteness not white poeople, black people can have whiteness because they have the wrong opinions.

  9. Didn't they say in the history of Critical theory, that the KKK was a subscriber? Or am I remembering wrong?

    Either way, I still see CRT as anti Martin Luther king Jr…

  10. Adolf is Austrian Jew and anti-xionist…. ashkenazi, protesting the repeated genocides… protecting his brethren from Europeans after the failed bolshevik rebellion of xionists were exiled out of what is today Russia just before the Soviet Union formed in the Aftermath. This happened following their hijacking of America in 1776 by financing the rebellion of Lower Canaada/USrael…
    1772 = Abolishing of Slavery in Britain
    1776 = Rebellion of Lower Canaada/USrael…