Journalists Tries Debunking Trump But Accidentally PROVES democrat Cities Are Trash

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  1. Donald Trump is right on a lot of things Democrats refuse to admit. He also tends to use generalities. He also tends to hyperbolize truth. So he blows it out of proportion. But the gist of what he's saying is generally true. And the Democrats are running their cities like shitholes. I know there are people who say that's not fair but when you have had several Generations that have lived and died without any Republican representation in-city leadership and the place is just absolutely filthy and crime-ridden or rat-infested or all of the above then there's a problem with the way Democrats do governance. You know I remember wanting to go to San Francisco and see Golden State Bridge and I remember wanting to go to LA and visit Dodger Stadium. And I've been to New York City but I never have a desire to go to those cities anymore. I live close to Chicago I used to love the idea of going back to Brookfield Zoo but I'm never going back to Chicago. Their dumps. I used to be proud of our cities they went the same kind of patriotism that I'm proud of our nation. I remember when I got upset because Donald Rheubottom and Donald Trump we're agreeing about Baltimore. But you can only stay in denial about Democrat leadership of these places for so long. They have let them become just cesspools of pollution and crime and poverty. Almost entirely it's a problem with the way the Democrats govern. Now you can get mad at me you can real on me all you want I don't care. Look around. I no longer go to a City without concealed carrying. It's just not worth it anymore because I'm seeing too many people be assaulted. And this isn't about Donald Trump directly. This is about a bunch of traumatized Democrats and leftists that never got over Hillary Clinton winning. This isn't about racism. It's not about the police. It's not about a virus. It's about Donald Trump having beaten the anointed Queen Hillary. The Democrats have never forgiven him and they never will. Nancy Pelosi said we are going to keep this up until there's a democrat in the White House.

  2. I also think Tim that you need to look at these cities for consistency of Republican or Democrat mayors. I think you have to examine weather this is a long-term Democrat or Republican rule or it's been going back and forth between the parties. And that's important because if you're going to show any type of causation you need to move past the simple correlation. Yes on the surface it looks like Crimean democrat-controlled cities is higher in quality of life in some of those cities is lower. But is the cause the Democrat leadership or is there something else? I think this is an important thing we need to study and we need to start looking at what some of the root causes of crime actually are. Does public policy or political policy have a role? What is the correlation between Democrats cities and crime for instance? Why are we seeing this in such a stark manner? Because if it were just a general the society is falling apart like Empires do when they crumble then we would be seeing it regardless of the party in charge. So the question is why are the Democrats cities failing in governance and also what effective things are republican-run cities doing? I think that's a worthwhile question to ask and I'm afraid we can't ask it right now because of social justice Warriors

  3. Pretty simple progressive economy policies in theory would help ease wealth inequality but in reality actually does exactly the opposite. Seriously go to those cities and check wealth inequality… now look at all the economic policies and taxes

  4. All you have to do to debunk the Dem defense is compare NYC under Giuliani to the same city under DiBlasio. Giuliani wipped the toughest city in the country into shape, dramatically reducing crime, corruption, and bad spending. Look at what DiBlasio has done. Compare the NYC he inherited, with the NYC of today.

  5. And what party controls the FAILED public educational system that fails blacks and minorities and whites too?
    "I'll take Democrat History for a thousand, Alex!"

  6. This is what the media does. They go on because Trump often speaks in absolutes. They can manipulate that narrative and say he’s wrong even if he is mostly right. Case in point this BS WaPo article.

  7. I think its mostly because of more poor vs more rich. The more rich a city/society is the less violent crimes. But richer people more often also vote republican over democrat.

  8. Desperate DemoRATS is the word. Millions of us in the free west wait for a REPUBLICAN to be voted in later this year otherwise we all go down.
    God bless patriotic Americans.

  9. Democrat cities are nothing but sanctuaries for lawless illegals and terrorist organizations. Not that there is much difference between the two. The police should pull out and let them implode.

  10. Hahahaha what the fuck this is the funniest thing ever 😀
    This is almost as funny as our German media trying to claim that "stabbings have always been a part of German culture" and nothing to do with mass migration from Arabic countries 😀

  11. The democrats are voted in by these cities. It doesn't mean that the dems are responsible for the problems ( They probably are though ).

  12. Memphis is Democrat controlled and it's not that big

    There is also a correlation between Democrats and economic collapse

    There is a correlation between economic collapse and crime

  13. I think it's a fair assessment that Democrats create problems(by negligence or otherwise), and then offer themselves as the only solution. Rinse and repeat.

  14. One of the hallmarks of a true psychopath is that they lie and lie and their lies often don't make any sense, or can easily be proved to be lies. A question occurs: are the people in charge of the mainstream media and/or the journalists working for them psychopaths? Are a certain percentage of them psychopaths, a.k.a., malignant narcissists (psychopaths are also highly narcissistic)? (See for more information on psychopathy and what signifies it.)

  15. Brought up the correlation between the left and their policies that have historically targeted blacks and he dismisses it by telling me “it’s in the past”. Then continues talking about slavery and systemic racism. It was the left who founded the KKK, filibustered the Civil Rights Act, opposed amendments 13, 14, 15, and 19. But for some reason they have everyone followed in thinking they’re the party of the downtrodden.

  16. Haven't we established that the media gets paid by Dems? & Policy changes are always worked in for them under the radar. Don't be a turd in the punch bowl.

  17. Notice how Communists fail everytime they try to "debunk right-wing conspiracy theories" ?

    Remember when Acosta walked along the wall – and pointed out that no one was there…???

  18. You couldn't pay me enough money to live in Democratic run state. The problem I'm seeing is Democratic voters leaving these poorly run cities and states are moving to RED states and turning them blue or purple. WHY I ask are these idiots doing this? What the hell is wrong with these Jackasses? Their former cities are trashed and they bring their friggen agendas to Red states. GO BACK HOME jackasses!!! Leave us Elephants alone.!!