Joy Reid Caught Spreading Fake News On Twitter Again

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  1. It's kinda cute… watching Jimmy throw shade at a lying, unscrupulous journalist as he simultaneously pumps out sub-moronic platitudes about Medicare for all. Jimmy, you are wrong and you have no desire to learn the objective truth about how wrong you are. Medicare sucks. The "healthcare" imposed on people by the ACA also sucks… but you have money and will always be able to pay extra for the healthcare you feel that you and your family deserve. God bless you, JD.

  2. Dr Dore knows how many people would have survived the Chinese virus….. talk about disinformation/misinformation…. not feeling well?? Call Dr Dore.

  3. Facebook shut down my Facebook account for 30 days for sharing the CNN news interview with the previous CDC director- a viralogist/ epidemiologist- who says that COVID likely came from a lab because it was so advanced. I'm a whistleblower investigator sharing evidence from our investigation that has Cuomo fucked up. Looking forward to charging Fuckerberg with tampering…

  4. Fernand Amandi…about one hundredth of the COVID idiots that rampaged through the streets by the thousands looting and destroying.

  5. Twitter wont ban Joyless Ann Reid for 2 reasons, She's in The Club and she is spreading disinformation in The 'Right Think' Direction…..A photo of an Empty Beach would be taken down…..Twitter are Covid Nazi's, The 'Fact Checkers' are likely Double Masking also, You can Lie as long as you Lie to The Left.

  6. Yeah, well, I don't think anybody's been even chastised for spreading the misinformation about Trump & the kids in cages bit where they used photos from 2014, so I doubt anything will happen here either. As long as it falls in line with the narrative of the Democratic Party, it's perfectly fine to lie to people's faces. I'm not even sure anybody would be charged with murder so long as it fit with the narrative, at this point.

  7. Wait. Time-traveling Russians? Well, those are certainly mercenary in mindset. I wonder how much it would cost to get them to go back & de-fraud the 2020 election so Trump would be President & none of this would exist?

  8. not a joy reid fan but i try to be fair & balanced unlike dore. that said, she commented on how the image looks, not on the veracity of the reporting, nor was it her own report. she was fooled, but don't think that really constitutes spreading fake news.

  9. Hold up! Since when does the Library of Congress archive tweets? I know there was an Act in 1979 that made it so everything written that's given a copyright has to have a full copy in the LoC, but when was the expanded to everything written online as well? And how would they even DO that?

  10. Even if this picture was from this year, didn't we approve gathering in outdoor spaces already? What's the difference between this and protests? I mean, other than the fact that this one was from 2019

  11. Almost as good as Maddow citing "Children in cages" photo crediting to Trump when in reality it was an old picture from The Obama administration. So where is the dazed and confused Dorsey banning this clearly obvious misinformation. Almost as if …..yep…that is exactly what it is. " Its a big club and you aint in it…"- George Carlin.

  12. I just tried to watch a bit of John Oliver… what world do we live in? There are people across the political spectrum that have common sense, are honest and seek understanding and compromise. Then there are all these bad faith actors… they’re in top spots, they push division and lies while focusing on frankly, fluff and seeking to hurt rather than repair. Then we hear how great things can be their way… What the hell?

  13. The media is an arm of the DNC & Joy Reid benefits from her "privilege" in the Establishment Democrat being both Black & a woman. Which could never be wrong those things Trump evidence & facts

    Like seen in the Biden administration experience ideology & policy