JOY REID Exposes Herself Again!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Jimmy this is not your best work. Yes Joy says a lot of total nonsense but why the outrage of the slander of the Muslims but no thought as to how she is slandering Trump supporters. Talking about the threat of "right wingers" while leftists riot and burn in the streets is just nuts.

  2. If people like Joy Reid took over we could all get to live in cities like Detroit and Chicago. We can all be apart of the hood amd just burn our own neighborhood then blame it on white people and trump

  3. She said misbehaving Muslims , Muslim is a religion and specific behavior , if they are not behaving as the religion depicts, then they are not Muslims and should be recognized as something different

  4. Regarding the muslim thing, every now and then a liar tells the truth accidentally. She is right about muslim leaders doing that, she is wrong (and lying) in the comparrison.

  5. You want to expose something? How about the Corporate owned scam of the MPP that Nina Turner and Cornel West want be big time rift profiteers for the Corporate PAC donor owners that are behind the Movement of the Corporate owned bowels party. Nina Turner and Cornel West are so exposed as Corporate owned minion drones, it is truly unbelievable. Nina has always been along for the feigned corporate owned ride like Bernie Sanders. I knew they were corporate sell outs for years now. They never have backed anyone outside of the spectrum of corporate owned parties. The only real Progressive party is the Green Party. You vote for anything other than the Green Party, you are voting against the 99.9%. We don't like that, so vote accordingly.

  6. America can't just can't vote Joe ByeByeBrainBiden Ok Trumpocchio ain't no Water Walking miracle Man but gives us across pond Scotland exc stand up comedy Could see him switch ByeBrains speech with Hitler speech & he wouldn't even notice seeing nicked other folks speeches .Nancy Pelosi seen in salon pamper session after hard day hunting 101 Dalmations .Got Bernie Sanders Ballsack as a mask & Backbone as toothpick Bernie gave up balls & spine long ago . Keep up great work Jimmy Dore Only place learn real politics Like crimewatch without sombre voice God Save Us 10 Hail Marge Simpsons Let Loony Tunes Debates begin .Popcorn is a must !??????????????????????????

  7. I have a question, isn’t it true that it was only hearsay that Trump said things about shit hole countries? I mean it was somebody who said that he said it in a meeting of some sort but it’s not like he had definitely said that and it was heard by a group of people.

  8. the repeated comment claiming that muslims live in sewage – this is a direct repeat of what Ben Shapiro said about Palestinians – he said that Arabs like to live in open sewage – the fact is Israel poured sewage in streets where Palestinians lived and then started to say that Arabs / muslims / Palestinians like to live in sewage. How is that for projection

  9. Yes Trump is radicalizing people with violence while ANTIFA is burning and looting. Ok sure lady. It’s interesting how miserable people like her and Behar are given the name Joy at birth