JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Warns Of Catastrophic US Default

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JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Warns Of Catastrophic US default.


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  1. What's the USA? It is not United, therefore how can the Federal Government exist? All I see is a group of States that are relying on a central body that collects taxes and pays a 6% dividend for all debt issued by a group of Private Banks collectively called the Federal Reserve.

  2. Since when has public or private debt ever mattered to our politicians in Western countries in at least the last ten years (in many places the last fifty)? They don't care. Passing the buck and playing musical chairs with election cycles has been the norm. One day the music will stop.

  3. The only way I see them not raising it is if this is part of the great reset, and it would be a controlled demolition. A bit conspiratorial but, it's the only way I see it happening.

  4. Do you believe Jamie diamond ,one of the biggest criminals in the world .convicted if fiddling everything. 30 trillion of debt is a big nothing. You know nothing mate. Ever heard of the weimar republic or the tulip bubble . Capitalism died in 2008 and has been artificially kept alive for 13 years . Now it's dead. Cant you smell it . Get ready for the end game people. Good luck

  5. Lol, whole point of debt ceiling was because they knew it was daft back in the day and it was put up as a supposed deterrent, now they've normalised it so much it's a case of "we shouldn't have it at all"

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