Judd Apatow exposes Hollywood hypocrisy for films like Mulan! Channels his inner Ricky Gervais!

Judd Apatow just wrecked Hollywood in a recent interview!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Not sure about the Boyega thing. There are countries in this world, where you couldn't sell anything with a black face in the advert, and not because of racism. No wonder a marketing expert needs more skills than knowing every Hollywood star by name.
    Not telling him though, that's bad.

  2. You know, korean movies are really starting to hit over here with a couple of big ones like train to busan and parasite. So I think we should support more of their releases and i dont think it would be a bad move. Move away from china all together in my opinion.

  3. Except that nobody, including the Chinese audience, likes Disney's new Mulan but Disney. Disney is even failing at accomodating China if Mulan was their attempt to do so.

    As for concentration camps, other than Holocaust movies which are generally recognized as an acceptable movie topic, it seems like common sense to me that most countries wouldn't want movies made of their concentration camps. Are there any movies about escapes from American concentration camps in recent years? I'm not a film buff so I have no idea, but it strikes me that American concentration camp escapes wouldn't be a popular pitch in America today either.

  4. Nazi Germany was the second-most lucrative country for Hollywood in the 1930s. Hitler threatened Hollywood by passing a directive that any Hollywood movie that criticized the Nazis would result in the entire studio's films being banned. This worked. Hollywood kowtowed to the Nazis. Finally, Edward G. Robinson managed to get a film produced by Warner Bros. – Confessions of a Nazi Spy. Hitler banned Warner Bros. When war finally arrived, Hollywood finally gave up trying to suck Nazi Germany's ass. True story.

  5. Disney must be freaking out. Marvel might of jumped the shark after Endgame. Star Wars was disappointing and their parks are in limbo. Have to be getting low on resources.

  6. I dont understand why people upset…LOL. This is capitalism…hehe how can you be upset, this is the system you love so much and the US has being forcing on other countries with regime change wars, asasination and sanctions. 1 billion chinese market compared to what 400 million US market. Entitled much, LOL Human rights!!!!! OMG what about human rights in Iraq, Afganistan, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, Venesueala. This is such BS.

  7. Whoever prescribed Hollywood to take two .45acp aspirins needs to be applauded for malpractice. The legend of how Hollywood got kevorkian'd. Lol lol good riddance.

  8. What the hollywood elites cucking for china dont realize is that they wont just lose the US market but also the WORLD market because majority of the world dont like china and their propaganda. So if they think they are sacrificing hundreds of millions so they can acquire the supposedly billions worth of dollars from the china market (even though not all chinese will watch everything they crap out) they are not counting on repulsing the world market that have a negative view of china which will make them lose more money than what they think they will profit from china.

  9. Disney is dead to me . Hollywood in general and “entertainment” as a whole. It’s just not that important and used to be a distraction and is now all propaganda . No thanks , I will amuse myself or god forbid read an old book.

  10. This ovie was NOT Mulan. It was just propaganda. Disney ruined the original. The Action in the movie was ho hum. Been there done that got the t shirt thing. The female star was NOt Mulan. Did the communist buy out Disney while I wasn't looking? Had to be that. If you've ever seen a communist movie then you know exactly what I mean.

  11. It felt great this movie bombed. Instead of just making movies that sell they market to Chinese potential audiences. Chinese don't buy their products. They buy what the party allows them to buy. Mobile gaming is huge in China because they have no fucking standards because gaming was practically illegal for decades.