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A Federal Judge ordered Government officials to disclose more materials to Missouri and other plantiffs in a lawsuit over Big Tech Collusion. The White House has no comment on the new ruling and Rand Paul reacts.

#RandPaul #KJP #Missouri


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  1. My fb was useless by the time they finished with it. Almost everything I posted (that we now know to be 100% true btw) was flagged and had mis/disinformation warnings… when people could see the posts at all. I eventually just deleted my account.

  2. This criminal law lawyer is so good and explains everything with such a sense of humor that besides being very very informative it’s very amusing. He tells you at the beginning what he’s going to talk about in case you want to jump around but the case of Missouri and Louisiana suing Biden administration and many important people is very interesting. They have to cough up emails and 21 days. First there are 32 people and then there will be an additional 35 more people.

    He also discuss the illegal aliens being dumped in Chicago and Washington DC and that’s pretty humorous because those mayors said those were sanctuary cities but now they’re back walking that period. He is on every night and does all the legal aspects of what is going on.

  3. Didn’t they charge Trump for OBSTRUCTION for three things found in his desk. WTF. Who do they think they are? Above the law! Yes! Better start with Jen Psakis e- mails, bet there is a real trail of collusion there too.

  4. When is the thing called government actually do the actual job they have and solely work for the people.
    Passing good bills that 100% make our lives just a little bit better .
    Because today all can say the government has done for me as a 41 years old man is punish me for being poor.

  5. Wow this is the 😂tyrannical Government that our forefathers were afraid of and why they created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to protect our individual rights of freedom of speech etc. The Government took many of our rights away after 911, saying they needed FISA court and the ability to listen in on communications foreign in nature to begin with. And this has expanded into our lives in many ways. The Government says nothing to see here, believe us. Yea right.

  6. So a REAL scandle is about to break in 21 days .
    Not fake news but actual proof that the government used their power to mislead the American people using private social media companies.
    This is what Russia or China does.

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