Judge Orders Lawyers Not To Call Trans Athletes “Male” Saying its Bullying, Attorneys Demand Recusal

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  1. First they force Christian cake bakers to bake for gay weddings. Then they force women athletes to call men women, shut up about it and gracefully loose to men in women's clothing. Who's next?

  2. Honestly the only right thing to do with these things I mean people is create your own category trans category let them compete against each other it's only fitting

  3. Damn I hope that they allow people that identify as the opposite sex if God forbid they go to prison. That they could go to the prison of their choosing based on their gender that they identify with. So if God forbid I ever happen to go to prison I will identify as a female. Let's see how that works out

  4. Interesting question… the definition of murder is a person killing another person, and if you are what you identify as, then couldn't an individual just claim they identify as something like an attack helicopter and avoid charges?

  5. judge: "don't call them male."
    me: "okay, the wermans…"

    for those that are lost, a very old english term for a man was werman, man was the gender neutral term, and a variation of woman was for women.

  6. How did we reach the stage where this argument is taken seriously. The science is unambiguous also anyone can tell the difference just by observing and if they succeed in confusing the issue, women's & girls sports will no longer exist and they will be put at risk physically and sexually.

  7. God forbid if anyone actually took the time to look into what all this is based off of. John Money. Just go read into him & understand what he did & how he has ruined the the future or to us the present.

  8. Damn, I missed the boat! Had I played basketball on the girls team, I could have literally scored on every single offensive possession. Would have broken every individual record there is. Free ride to college. Oh well. Can't change the past, where as a male, I played on the male team, back in the days before we became so enlightened.

  9. So if I shoot the twitch deer lady I will only be convicted for hunting without a licence? I guess so since this judge want us to take this gender nonsense as biological reality in the courts. I would actually applaud this decision!!!!

  10. You either just take away the whole mens sports and womens sports so EVERYONE is competing against EVERYONE or it goes based off of biology, i'm sorry but growing your hair out, getting a boob job and taking pills doesn't change your gender, it changes your APPEARANCE.

    This is not to say you don't have the right to change your body if it makes you feel better about yourself, i'm all for doing what makes you feel good about yourself, just be realistic about what you are doing.