Judge strikes down TSA mask mandate | Airplanes Drop Masks | What are the Implications?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. Would be lovely if our young children also could learn and play without masks.

    And btw I was wearing masks since March 2020 (n95) when we didn’t know what this thing looked like. But wearing masks outdoors and masking 2 year olds seems less about science and more about authority.

  2. You did a previous video (title: New CDC Mask study | Full of Errors…). If the pro maskers believe everything the CDC says, then why don't they believe the CDC wearer-only results from that study? Much of this mask drama seems to be about politically motivated control of people, but I also think that some individuals are just completely obsessed/brainwashed with the idea that other people must do xyz for my benefit. Meanwhile, I'm obese, I smoke, etc. and follow no other CDC health guidelines that would require me to make a personal effort and take personal responsibility to decrease my overall health risks. The whole situation is insane.

  3. The idiots that support mask wearing are the same idiots that support walking in a restaurant with a mask on, and then when you sit down and eat, you take it off!!!! 🤦‍♂️ if you are living in fear of covid, stay home or take measures to protect yourself. Don't ask me to wear triple masks, get 8 boosters so your protected. You need to take measures that allow you to protect yourself. This comment is not for our elderly. They need to be protected.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Prasad. And thank you for your article in Tablet a few months ago about how ridiculous Covid policies so hurt our children. I have subscribed, and I am also subscribed to your Substack. Please keep up the good work.

  5. My friends mother was 84 when she got covid in December 2021. He caught it from her. She was hospitalized and later passed away. He was not allowed to visit her, to say goodbye to his mom as she lay dying, despite having covid himself.
    It was the most heart wrenching and despicable thing I've seen.

    These policies are draconian and deplorable

  6. Mandatory mandates does not appear to be popular without going through proper approval. Germany wanted to mandate vaccines for the over 60 year old population but it was disapproved by a vote in the Parlament by 82 votes against. They expected the vote to be close but it was not even close. It appears one office or one person approving such a far reaching action would not be the right way to lead a country in a democratic society in my personal opinion. The last two year have shown the true colors of a lot of countries and states. Lessons learned during the last two years could help prevent some of the failures that happen and in some cases still going on today. It getting better but, by no means is it over.

  7. Really happy we have medical professionals like yourself who can critically think and analyze. Seems we are lacking this skill in many many people. As for universities, well I have no words except I question their ability to teach the next generation.

  8. There's a trend latey of people falling back on the "you're not an expert in the field so you can't have an opinion" argument, especially on these common sense issues.

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