Judge Who Signed FBI Raid On Trump Linked To EPSTEIN In SHOCKING Development, Civil War Trending

Judge Who Signed FBI Raid On Trump Linked To EPSTEIN In SHOCKING Development, Civil War Trending. National Divorce trends on Twitter as FBI raid sparks fear of US civil war.

The Judge who signed off the search warrant of Trump’s Mar-a-lago home previously represented Epstein’s lieutenants in a shocking development. Trump was accused of taking classified documents to his home in violation of federal law.

As theories run rampant many speculate about the deep state and Democrats plans against Trump to prevent him from running in 2024


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


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  1. They WANT Trump behind bars so Damn bad" Think about that people" how crazy the Left is really' they will do anything " too keep power… How much Hate , these people have, is just crazy too me…. Trump DOES care about America, look what he has too , go through for us lol….

  2. There is a difference between plausible CTs and absurd CTs. It has been exactly 3 years to the date that Epstein was found dead in his cell. Why hasn't the list of Johns been released to the public for child rape? There doesn't seem to be any interest whatsoever to expose the people involved in Epstein's child sex trafficking ring beyond Maxwell. This isn't a CT when we know that it happened but not WHO. The CT is that covid coincidentally plagued the world just a few months later and offered a nice distraction from a lot of interest in this case.

  3. maybe trump has something big so maybe that judge is a special judge that deals with black mail cases and works out a deal between the parties. thats why he let epstein go cause epstein had blackmail.

  4. This is a Sham #4. There is NO! Truth and Justice since 2019 from DOJ and FBI Supporting a Democracy Win. Trump Stood Stand against the World and the Demoncratics Shams. This time Gloves may come OFF.

    Have Faith in Freedom, Have Faith in God We Trust. MAGA is Coming to your neighborhood soon….💪

  5. There's so many NPC's
    They are listening to hysterical leftists in the establishment media.
    I'm hoping Trump runs again. Maybe all these losers who have massive TDS will explode and save humans having to deal with them.

  6. Tim, do you know why shows like yours can exist DESPITE there being a Cabal (apparently the popular term now) controlling everything? It's because that Cabal wants everyone to believe it doesn't exist and as long as there are enough people naïve enough to label real conspiracies as "theories" (derogatively), they can go on doing their evil deeds behind the scenes. Ever hear the phrase “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist”? Well, THIS is EXACTLY what that phrase is speaking on.

    Do you know why the Cabal allows people the "freedom" to express their negative opinions or their attempts to expose the Cabal? It's because there are just enough people, especially in America that might have the ability to get in their way. Why doesn't the Cabal just nuke everyone or use the military to force everyone in line? It's because they NEED the slaves- no matter how much we object, the THINKING population is ALSO the most productive. The morons who don't think for themselves or care what's going on are typically useless.

    If you don't believe in the Deep State or the "Cabal", you're the kind of useful idiot they like because you give the illusion that you approach research with an open mind and without emotion. You CHOOSE to believe things can't be as bad as they really are, because you hate to think they might be. People you would deem 'conspiracy theorists' ALSO hate thinking things are as bad as they are, which is why they seem so one-minded (granted, some are)- but a good portion of those who are so adamant in the conspiracies they believe, it is because they are the type of researcher who sets out to be proven wrong, but literally can't be logically persuaded on the evidence available. For example, 9/11 and the official reports. There are too many reasons why "collapse by jetliner" (or no jet at all) doesn't add up.

    There is a reason the government doesn't release records for 25, 50 and 75 years after the incidents. We have seen a lot of 25 and 50 year records being released that prove conspiracies that people, even those like you, refused to believe were possible. Unfortunately, we now live in an age where even the proof is not good enough- when simple common sense probably should have been good enough to begin with.

  7. Tim you keep looking for a reason.
    This is a Gordian knot equation. Another words the simplist answer is probably correct.
    Trump is under investigation by at least two grand juries.
    Trump has been associated with crime from the very beginning of his public appearance.
    The answer is simple.
    Trump being the criminal that he is took a bunch of classified documents that would implicate him or implicate others.
    No one trusts Trump so the DOJ has to go in and retrieve the files.
    That is the whole thing.
    The only people who don't believe this are TDS.
    These people will believe Trump no matter what the evidence against him is.

  8. George Conway at his core is a republican tool. He has had a brief foray on to the sane side of the aisle.
    He has now reverted back (Trump has lost power) because he no longer fears Trump.
    Conway is no measurement of anything.

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