Julia Hartley-Brewer On Left-Wing Bias That DOMINATES Our Media

Darren Grimes of Reasoned talks to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer about why the public is switching away from the mainstream media and it’s left-wing bias, the vocal trans activists that are pushing for hormone therapies for children, the trade unions standing in the way of children returning to school and the migration crisis at the English Channel.

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Julia Hartley-Brewer
Breakfast show host, talkRADIO
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Written by Reasoned


  1. I entirely agree with both of your views on everything here – except Brexit, where I think you have missed the point of the European project completely. And I'm so tired of the "the people have spoken!" shit. Be honest – it was the minority of the electorate who voted to leave – including those who were net beneficiaries of the EU (eg Wales) but were too dim to realise until it was pointed out to them afterwards. A campaign filled with lies such as the £350m bus. It was a monumentally stupid idea to make such a huge constitutional change based on a simple majority vote. And THAT is the divisive problem we have – not at all what you claim it to be. If only you were each as honest about this as you are about the rest of these topics!

  2. What is the trans debate exactly? Everybody just gobbin off looking for recognition for fuck all. Time people started bieng content with bieng a nobody.

    Lets correct dizzy bints last tweet:
    "In a world where you can be anything, be Yourself"!

  3. Yeah opinions are great and all. But this is delusional. What bias? All I ever hear is right-wing perspectives. Aren't we leaving the EU? Isn't the NHS in dire peril because of Tory budget cuts? Isn't Boris Johnson the friggin' Prime Minister?
    It's weird how you have to lie this hard to get your agenda across. And it's disingenuous as hell. What are you doing, guys?

  4. Yeah but isn't Boris Johnson the Prime Minister? Aren't we leaving the EU? All I ever hear is Right Wing Bias, so maybe you could tell me where I can hear some leftist view points?
    I don't know about 'reasoned.'
    Seems to me like you guys are being somewhat disingenuous/delusional/downright dishonest. But that's just my opinion, I guess. (Cancel this comment? Hmm, interesting…)

  5. left wing is not what media and those idiots around the world make it to be…we need to be cautios about saying things like this and starting to hate an entire wing in politics as this is how ww2 and the nazi regime started…no I do not want to be mean…just to remind of it…a loooot a looot of similiarities to that

  6. Ahh yes, the left-Wing Bias That DOMINATES Our Media. Quite.
    Apart from the Telegraph.
    And the Express.
    And the Mail.
    And the Sun.
    And the New York Post.
    And The Washington Times.
    Apart from those then, the media is definitely mostly left-wing.
    And of course the left-wing BBC is controlled by the bourgeois middle-class (who are only honorary left-wing, usually at the weekend).
    Still, yeah.

  7. It is funny how we have the most right wing media in living memory but the right wing keep complaining that it is left wing. Clearly they are never satisfied. Perhaps they really want a fascist regime.

  8. I loved the way Julia summed up the possible future for this country. It was like a list of all the things the left are trying to destroy in this great nation of ours.

  9. Sadly, 95% of the public has no idea what "left-wing bias" means and cares even less. The reasonable people wrongly assume the rest of the world is as reasonable as they are. In fact, the vast majority of the public is not reasonable, but emotional, narcissistic and adolescent, intellectually incapable of following Julia's reasoning and largely indifferent to it. The tragedy isn't that the left is ruining civilization, but that they don't realize it and don't care. If a natural cataclysm forced each person on the planet to reason their way through a simple three-step solution in order to survive, the world population would be reduced by half overnight. And from an evolutionary standpoint, that might be a good thing.

  10. What's happening to our country?? Democratic candidate Joe Biden, actually said to the African American community , that if we don't vote for them, then we ain't black. That's the party that has taken us for granted, as if we are somehow beholding to them, for our own lives. This is a party with a slavery past. Check it out for yourselves and you will see the roots of this political party. They're not for us, they simply need our vote. That's where their solidarity ends. The Democratic Party has even put illegal aliens rights and concerns, before African American citizens born in this country. Their party has moved so far to the left, there's no more place to go, but socialism. To the Democratic Party, NO LIVES MATTER. more THAN THEIR OWN selfish ambitions. They are out to take away our personal freedom, our religious beliefs, our right to our own opinion, and our right to free speech. The Democratic Party is NO LONGER " DEMOCRATIC", BUT SOCIALIST. They will not ever have my vote again.

  11. The only motivating factor for talk radio and the morning shows is building its market share,. They know they cant compete on reasoned well thought out debate so they double down on criticising the ‘woke’ and are happy to mix pure comedy with news. Mike Graham and his ‘plank of the week’ garbage is indicative of a downward spiral. They like to say ‘political correctness gone mad’ but only to appeal to weak minded, usually white men who are only 1 click away from fascist social media groups who also exploit them.

  12. Australia paid Indonesia so much money to stop the boats coming to our shores. The Indonesians bought boats with the money. France is probably doing the same! Get the navy down there, give the economic refugees boats to return to France if they're in leaky ones and turn them around!

  13. PM Tony Abbott saved thousands of lives by instructing the Australia navy in turning the boats around. 1,100 people drowned before he was in power to do something about it. He's going to help the UK with trade deals after Brexit, but you really should put him in charge of the boat problem first…….proven and tested!