Julian Assange and the Modern Witch Trial, Replete with Cowardice From Creators

Has a stroke in Belmarsh after many moons of torture:

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  1. There's thousands of us who put our white hats down years ago in 2015 when Obama made even ethical hacking illegal.
    We're not going to sit back and let this shit continue for much longer, look to your skeletons in the closet CIA & FBI, you're going to have to start doing something about this UNAMERICAN anti-CONSTITUTION sentiment you all fuckign seem to have.
    The "Swamp" will go to Nuremberg to face justice International justice.

    You think you have problems with foreign actors trying to screw with your networks and systems, wait until the people who fucking design and fix them start making your fucking digital lives hell.

    You're protecting pedophile sex trafficking rings involved with presidents.
    You're selling weapons to commit genocides.
    You're taking away our Constitutional rights.

    You're just as fucking bad as the bad guys in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam etc and you should face the firing line for the treason you are committing.

    How long before the sheep here in the US of A wake the fuck up and start holding you assholes accountable?

  2. To be honest the whole affair is quite shocking and against the concept of free speech, free expression and free press. It's quite sad and I wished I didn't have to see it in my lifetime. Oh well.

  3. You've got it so wrong. Julian Assange is a shill for the Muslim Brotherhood. Question: Since Assange took credit for the Arab Spring ('we planned it for an entire year,' he told the Rolling Stone), when did the Arab Spring end and the Syrian Civil War begin? Answer: when the Arab Spring went to Syria. Boom goes the dynamite. I remember seeing an Assange rally in 2006. There were signs being held up saying, 'Overthrow the Saudi Royal Family'. The Muslim Brotherhood are sworn enemies of the Saudis. They kill each other, and Assange cleared the way for Muslim Brotherhood Morsi to be come President of Egypt. (Same Muslim Brotherhood that gave us Ayman al Zawahiri. Remember the CIA sponsored cocksucker?) The seriously corrupt Egyptian military ran Egypt before Morsi, and the run it now. Nothing changed. PS. Who was ever convicted for war crimes thanks to Assange? Nobody. Nothing changed. Should he be in jail? I think, 'Be sure the fucking you give is worth the fucking you're going to get.' Throw in a trans Chelsea Manning being encouraged by Assange to download those secret files, which is what will convict Assange if he's ever tried in the US, and you've got yourself one poison stew.

  4. You're on the wrong side of this. Assange is a j-hating hard-leftist who has a very public history of deliberately lying for his own benefit, and his "free speech" angle is just the latest thing he's lying about.

  5. Why you are ranting about that old Russian influencer? Why?!!
    Assagne had "brilliant" idea to play in Russian side in information war and of cause US is sour about that. Why you ranting about that?
    Assange and Snowden where members of Russian spy network. Snowden was recruited by Russians in time of internship in Switzerland and he acted for years as information collector inside CIA and Pentagon, working as outsourced IT guy. Assange distributed documents, given by Russians, what Snowden had stolen but which were more useful to Russia as disclosures (humiliated US or hindered US activities) than as sources of information. In other words, Assagne distributed documents stolen from Russian government agencies by Russian spies.
    Why you whining about it? Assagne was so stupid, that he didn't foresee retaliation from US side when he played with Big Boys table on Russian side.

  6. Styx, can you do an analysis of The Atlantic’s article a few days ago “The Great (Fake) Child-Trafficking Epidemic”? It’s especially interesting considering the photos of Atlantic, Lauren Jobs and Ghislaine Maxwell together.

  7. Assange is a political prisoner. He embarrassed the "elites" and they want to destroy his life. Don't be surprised if you see Snowden in handcuffs on TV being extradited to the US as well. I'm a Trump fan, but he should have pardoned both of these guys when he had the chance.

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