Julian Assange is a heroic dissident and a visionary: that’s why they hate him

A clip from the one-hour live report I did last night on Rumble regarding the Assange case:

Our news report on the UK decision approving his extradition:

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. How can we help him? There's only one way. Every citizen that can take themselves to protest at the capital. A sit in of thousands demanding the release and exoneration of Assange will get their attention. I can't see enough American citizen's that understand how Assange's incarceration directly threatens our own freedoms.

  2. one of the best documentaries to show the background of the USA and Sweden's complicity, recommend finding on YTube, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) 4-Corners 2012 produced video, "Sex Lies & Julian Assange"

  3. If Assange was Russian or Chinese and had leaked information about war crimes they had committed – Western media would proclaim him a magnificent and heroic figure and he'd be in line for a Nobel. Instead – he's labeled a criminal by the actual world class "criminals" who murder and slaughter humanity with impunity – while proclaiming their "humanitarian" intentions.

  4. I was over at the Daily Mail yesterday morning. The article about Assange had over 1200 comments, about 75%-85% in favor of JA (and you know the GCHQ/CIA bots and shills were doing their best). The DM deleted them all and reposted the article with minor changes. Again, the vast majority of comments and votes were in favor of Assange and against the regimes' fascist actions. These fuckers know we're on to them.

  5. First time I heard of Glenn it was in the early 2000s in highschool. He hasn't changed one bit. The only thing that has changed is the world around him. As some of us grew and learned more, we saw the change as well. It's a painful process for someone to slowly realized they had been cheated. Some lash out or submit. Some keep a firm hand on the rudder like Glenn. Never change buddy.

  6. Assange is a true hero – the disgraceful poodle state UK will do anything for their imperial masters (America), so it looks like he will be extradited and face a further 175 years in max security hell hole prison for exposing the war crimes and murder of 2 journalists by the USA.

  7. Assange had the opportunity to vet the secrets he was about to release, along with major print journalists whom he himself trusted. Instead, he dumped the entire trove of secret data on WikiLeaks, regardless of whether it helped Al-Qaeda and China (which it did).

  8. Thank you, Glenn, for your fight for Assange and for truth telling. I don't think you realize how much of a gift you are to us listeners who are desperately seeking honesty and integrity in journalism. I am enlightened every time I listen to you speak.

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