Julian Assange Judge Cites HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES In U.S. Prison

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Free Julian Assange, is the opinion of many Americans. The soldier once a man, gave him those documents and video. Of course we did not appreciate video of our military killing people at random, number one that's what it's about, not what we did the world knew about it. That soldier that we paid for a transsexual operation while in military prison, Obama released after 7 years. Right now Democrats are in charge, they want him desperately because someone hacked the DNC, 2016 causing many to be fired and showing just how far the DNC will go to get whatever they want. Ask ourselves this question, why doesn't anyone want Snowden back? Two terms of Obama, Trump, and believe me if Trump had wanted Snowden back from Russia, we would have got him. In fact in 4 years, One reporter asked president Trump about Snowden, the only time I saw him not answer a question. Washington insiders got to him. Assange himself has not been a hacker for many years. Many countries appreciate what he has exposed. The law is if a reporter in this country knowingly publishes top secret information, then they are liable. Well, the last 5 years all of the leaks, knowing they were not supposed to be published. Many reporters would be in jail. Frankly as far as Britain goes, we've refused to send back the embassy worker woman, apparently ran over a kid and killed him, so she can face trial. No one knows what she drunk driving, if a complete accident why would a woman not face and explain how she killed a child. We won't send her back. Like always the United States we are in so many ways the biggest hypocrites in the world. I'm still a proud American, but brutally honest.

  2. One more thing that is never discussed because during the Trump administration every news outlet leaked White House information. Even James Comey admitted he knew what he did was illegal. So, before Snowden it was only a crime to publish TS information that caused harm to the United States. After Snowden bipartisan, the only bipartisan bill passed during the Obama administration. Under law, leaking any level of TS information, 5 years in jail or and $10,000 fine. Sorry for interrupting Kim, didn't want to lose my train of thought. This actually angers me. Not to mention wikileaks had a Twitter page, Julian Assange gave notice whenever he was going to give a new leak on the DNC, but they went after Roger Stone, because they claim he had knowledge before anyone else. It's laughable, the man announced to the world when he was going to a publish. Was he also claims for the 20 years, anything he publishes other than the first time, he receives VIA mail, they checked the validity before they publish

  3. The FBI just changed their mind, it was not an insurrection Act those people that went into the capitol building. They've been held in solitary confinement for months and months. But every weekend we see 80 people murdered on the streets. Some they catch they are releasing until trial

  4. One thing Snowden told the world and every US citizen the United States government listens in the cell phone calls. I had a gentleman moved next door temporarily from California, I live near to military bases, he told me what he was working on with the military. He needed a higher TS clearance, he told me I gave the FBI your name, they're going to ask if you would approve, but you can tell them what I do for the government I wasn't supposed to tell you. My first response was, now I'm good friends with this man, look I'm a patriot if they ask I'm telling. Well then I watch after Snowden James Clapper, testify we did not even have the ability to listen on cell phones. I laughed, by then every drug dealer drug lord any mafia left they knew to throw away cell phones, burner phones existed for a reason. Clapper got in a little bit of trouble for lying. After that I told everyone California microwave came 1994, they installed the listening devices and military planes in West Virginia, supposedly only to spy on South American drug lords, which may have been true at the time but that expanded. Then came 9/11, Bush administration extended the listening program. If you all recall, Obama went as far as spying on Merkel, every other world leader with that same program. I'll say it again, gosh has to write a song We are The hypocrites of the world.

  5. Right now Americans are complaining because social media Twitter Facebook has kept president Trump off of social media, but Taliban leaders are on Twitter and everywhere else. I'd like to believe, I'm too old now I lost all my connections. The only reason we are allowing Taliban leaders, basically trying to recruit on Twitter. The FBI is monitoring and will catch any American that is following that site and may wander over with the savages

  6. Tim, our justice system is so corrupted and messed up and backwards. It destroys our Humanity breaks my heart how twisted our system is and we think we can tweak it to make it better but there is no saving it. There is only to tear it down and rebuild a system that tries to heal the wounds that make these people monsters. Because every single one of us can be monsters and we forget our Humanity when we throw away the key.

  7. Why do we say people need to open up more when talking about mental health then???
    Meaning mental health happen to anyone includes having kids ,being married and having a good job and pretend to be happy in life!
    This is just another bullshite excuse from a country who bomb other countries and unfortunately Britain is part of that corrupt system.
    I believe Julian Assange will be sent because why else is he in this long,i love to be wrong really.
    America don't even try to hide their crime they have the organisation of the system to spin propaganda and as long as people have wealth and fame they just pretend to care .

  8. In the future the controversial material will be remotely erased from the data clouds then the whistleblower and journalist will both respectively get killed by their housekeeping robots before disappearing into their smart toilets. Don't worry about their friends and family though, because the State/Corporation will raise their antidepressants allowances, which will be seamlessly added to their nutritional rations.

  9. Free Jullian. Seems this country a short time ago was all about protecting whistleblowers to the extent that we couldn't even know his name. I doubt sincerely that he would ever make it to trial if he were to be extradited. I'm sure that someone would conveniently turn their backs while he commits suicide. Commonly referred to as Clintoncide, though I don't think there will ever be any substantial investigation.

  10. Wow, I didn’t realize Julian Assange got around much. All those out of wedlock kids…..🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

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